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Seal ICO

 Seal is a blockchain powered product authentication and services platform. Basically, Seal aims to enable anyone the ability to confidently, quickly and economically verify the authenticity of a product that is Seal enabled, and to claim / transfer the ownership of it using the Seal app.

The technology behind Seal is the usage of NFC chips, which upon integration link the product with its digital counterpart on the blockchain. 

 The Seal platform consists of several components:

  1. Products with an embedded Seal-chip that uniquely identify physical products
  2. The Seal-app installed on an NFC-compatible smartphone
  3. The Seal-token which allows communication between the different parts of the platform
  4. The Seal-network, an immutable blockchain database where each transaction is recorded and validated by its nodes 

 How does it work

At the simplest level. You scan a product and it can be verified by secure blockchain.

Brands can charge a variable fee depending on the product and added services and functions the chip provides. This helps fight counterfeiting and the consumer gets to support the designers and brands they love.

On the secondary market, it will be easier to sell your product at a higher price because other people can validate the authenticity. You can also claim an individual product as yours. There will be a small fee for change of ownership and claiming.So brands can still make a very small cut on the secondary sale of an item and the seller can likely get a better price. Seal also cuts a very small cut of this fee which benefits token holders as a small percent of tokens are burnt with every transaction. 



Token Cap

A maximum of 1.2 b tokens will be printed and will never exceed this amount. No more than 492 million tokens will be allocated for token sales rounds. Discounts and bonuses depend on strategic partnerships and transaction sizes.

Emission Token

KYC and AML required before buying token. Buyers must provide their details and addresses to be used to send Ether from. If the tokens in the presale round remain unsold, tokens will be offered on a large scale. The token offered remains unsold after the primary sale will be distributed proportionally to ALL the sales token participants.

Example: Buyers bought 3.69m Seal tokens during main sales, 123m (25%) tokens remain unsold. Buyer receives 1.23m [(3.69 / (492-123)) x 123] additional tokens for a total of 4.92m tokens.

Further information:

• The actual price will be in Ether and will be available on the website, together with the bonus structure

• Prices will be on Ether instead of dollars to reduce exposure to ETH-USD volatility.



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