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Flux - A Global Decentralized Gaming Platform

 FLUX is a unique global gaming platform that brings together all parts of the gaming industry ecosystem where players, developers, merchants and game communities can change their time and needs by using FLUX token coin gaming. It’s also a platform for competitive games, gaming markets, online broadcasting (streaming) and platforms for in-game in-game items.



The gaming industry is one of the biggest and promising markets on the planet. The biggest misconception is simply involving the gaming part but there is more to it than this.The gaming industry is essentially the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. Based on this latest research has about 2.3 billion active players now with an average of $ 108.9 billion in annual revenue.


Global market trading for the gaming industry has reached $ 7 billion for 2017 with hundreds of billions of transactions processed the same year.


Streaming industry is one of the least appreciated here, especially if you consider combinations with games. However, StreamLabs livestreaming report suggests otherwise.Twitch has become a very interesting concept for talented video bloggers who have grown drastically by 2017 alone (3 million active subscribers). YouTube makes life better at it. Every month an active streamer has grown 330% for YouTube Live and 19% for twitch in 5 months. Both of these platforms provide a great opportunity for the gaming space. 


Flux builds Ecosystems around the game process. While players compete and earn in Game1 using the Matchmaking Platform and trading items associated with Game1 on the FLUX Trading Platform, or purchasing items at FLUX stores, Vendors (Game Creators) who have uploaded Game1 to FLUX Developer Market get a share of transaction fees and bets. This complete ecosystem is built using multiple smart contract systems, so that all actions described in the process are completely transparent and fair.

The FLUX market is a marketplace for developers geared towards competitive game monetization. FLUX takes a 0% commission for in-game downloads or purchases made through mobile apps for such game types. In this case, FLUX helps developers to increase demand for their games and to gain additional benefits, while giving them the ability to distribute games without paying commissions.



  • Token symbol: FLUX
  • Token Background: FLUX is built as an ERC20 token on the Ethereal blockchain.
  • General tokens sales will take place on 17 April
  • Minimum sales: SUCCESSFUL
  • Token exchange rate: 1 FLUX TOKEN = 0.5 $
  • Project status: closed beta
  • Cryptocurrency received, Payment System for the Sale of Token: Ethereal (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, DASH, ETC, LTC, ZEC, VISA, MASTERCARD, USD, EUR, SHAPESHIFT, BNB, KCS


FLUX COIN will also be the identity of this project and can be owned, traded or exchanged for other digital currencies in established markets. In addition, with Flux you will have the unique ability to describe your own projects and earn funds from a community. In this way, fundraising gets a chance to create the game he imagines, investors get a chance to get paid some of the matchmaking fee that will stimulate him to invest more. Also investors receive pre-order and VIP packages in the invested game.

Pre-sales will mostly be targeted to small and medium game creators (GC) who need some funds to bootstrap their projects. The distribution of Flux Coin to GC will be safely and transparently controlled by the Flux platform and pre-sale purchases.








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