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 FITTOKEN is a decentralized way for Blockchain community members to register and make reservations at Fitness & Sports Fitness Centers using the convenience of their mobile app or web platform. The world's first fitness platform with decentralized and progressive icons and applications for fitness.
The sports business is an exceptionally assorted industry, including portions, for example, proficient sports, games, wellbeing and fitness, recreational sports and office administration. Right now, the industry is encountering quick development and fast advancement. At exhibit, sports directors in different sections confront moral issues that are regularly remarkable crosswise over portions. FIT manages proficient sports, multi-division sports, sports for wellbeing and fitness, sports and sports resource administration and tackles a considerable lot of the moral difficulties that directors look in each of these sections. 

 Introduction to the FIT token

Now all the problems and statistics are presented, the question arises. What it is:

  1.  The FIT identifier and how it is
  2.  will donate to the community of Blockchain and Crypto Currency.

What is a FIT token?

FIT — the first decentralized platform for fitness and sports, built on the network Ethereal. COCOK’s tokens are designed to destroy the fitness and sports industry by developing intelligent and innovative concepts that are suitable for everyday people in Blockchain.

Why invest in FIT tokens?

The decentralized

FIT token system becomes a fully distributed platform and uses the existing block chain application. Since the owner of the FIT token does not need to worry about the confidentiality of the digital asset, all user data is stored in the chain of blocks.

Transaction Fee None.

Transactions involving third parties, such as banks and exchanges, can be more expensive and time-consuming. Fit Tokens, on the other hand, is based on a distributed block chain technology that allows users to run the FIT Tokens client server and continue to connect to other nodes. Thus, users can participate in the network and participate in the approval of transactions. In short, each transaction does not care about its value, and the transaction is approved after the full participation of each user connected to the network. Thus, the total transaction costs are common, and the number of users with individual prices individually. 

More about coins

Token FIT will launch its own ICO (Initial Offer of Coins) on November 24, 2017. The ICO period will continue until January 24, 2018, after which token sales will be blocked. By receiving a sales token, Token FOT can not be devalued due to inflation. Our ICO is a fund-raising campaign under the Smart Ethereal contract. To participate in ICO, you must have a coin with cryptographic currency, which you will use to purchase our tokens.

Main parameters ICO: 

The total inventory of tokens will be limited to 400,000 FIT

The amount to be withdrawn

  • Minimum: 3500 ETH
  • Expected: 45,000 ETH
  • Maximum: 300,000 ETH

FIT Token - Sale of tokens sold before ICO

Our initial ICO will begin on October 30, 2017 and will last approximately 4 weeks to 30 November 2017. In ICO's initial sales, we will sell about 10% of the total 12,500,000 tokens at a price of US $ 0.10 per COCOK

Distribution of funds ICO

 Funds allocated during initial certification will be used for marketing and development purposes. COCOK coins will spend a lot of money for marketing purposes and will implement long-term marketing plans, plan several digital marketing approaches, such as advertising banners, press releases, advertising campaigns and social networks. 

 Token Distribution

 200,000 FIT or 50% of the total amount will be sold to the participants. These include tokens that are available during pre-sales and higher sales.
FITs 75 000 000 or 20% of the total amount will be allocated for the development of platforms to:
Creating incentives for key stakeholders, promoting platforms, and rewarding initial adapters. Block subject
FIT 75,000,000 or 20% of the total amount will be used by marketing, consultants and owners.
FIT compensation 50,000,000 or 10% for platform users. 

 For More Information:

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