EOZ is a platform that uses high blockchain technology in conjunction with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to lend market data and transmit trading signal to their trading bot for proper action execution. It is designed to reduce barriers to crypto-currency investing, increase market liquidity, and improve access to financial freedom for the global 99%. EOZ has some features that make it function better than other platform in this respect. It is a highly secure, as well as decentralized platform that uses their proprietary crypto-currency bot. The presence of ANN gives trading signal to their bot or robot. EOZ aims to use state-of-art decentralized solutions to mitigate risk. 

 Objectives The establishment of EOZ

The goal is to create a platform for striped cryptocurrency trading, easy to access and secure. Which of these acquisitions is likely to begin to develop as well as on EOZ offers the advantages and disadvantages which it had happened before in the development of this EOZ. It’s all run through peer-to-peer transactions with no limits. As well as other features of EOZ tokens that are decentralized in nature which can not control the current trends, values

and flow of transactions. And even allow it for ICO to use EOZ tokens in operation and financing growth on this project.

The benefits and provision of ecosystem services EOZ

Attempts to create this type of lending platform have facilitated that many encrypted investors find the desired system, accessible whenever they want to trade, access funds, obtain liquidity in a highly secure and stable system. This is an effective decentralized ecosystem that uses highly manageable and innovative kriptocurrency bots. This has helped many investors appreciate the value of the blockchain industry, and now many people consider it a way to create via commercially accessible commercial options and on a single platform. The ecosystem is integrated with artificial neural networks that indicate a signal of a bot negotiation process that allows users to know trends when they can lend or access funds.

EOZ innovation

The EOZ developers are watching an increase in the cryptocurrency market and crypto demand where people who have coins can not find a secure platform that can solve their problems. Then, the developer finds the need to develop a reliable and secure alternative that can provide better service than traditional systems that have many constraints and limitations. To achieve this goal, the system uses EOZ tokens, which are derived from lending programs and highly developed real references. This algorithm runs in transparent transactions between the more secure pairs and performs automatic updates, thus increasing investor confidence in the system.The decentralized method of government system gives a full control system in the sense that it is not under any individual jurisdiction. Ecosystems control trends, values

and flow of transactions, as independent assets are independent assets that users and members use to finance their capital and project needs. 



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Site | https://eoz.com/

Whitepaper | https://eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf

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