What is Saiterm?
Saiterm, the heating system. This is a system that will be sent by Saiterm, called SPRING, offers derivative offers that are the latest financial and industrial technologies, and manage highly sought after products needed and supported by a global future. Needs in terms of energy efficiency and welfare for humans.

   What is Saiterm Token / Coin?

SAIEX Token. Facts, not words. This is the world of innovation, amazingly sophisticated technology and energy efficiency. Unique opportunity. Get all the advantages and privileges offered by SAIEX Tokens. Energy efficiency and moderate emission reductions and will be a goal in the future. This market will have the greatest growth and development over the coming decades. The SPRING heating system is presented as a practical example and a real demonstration of what we can do, and what we will do in the coming months and years. All data shows that the SPRING heating system offers the best cost ratio for heat in the world. Token Token. Solid. Concrete. Based on the most advanced patented technology. Energy efficiency is a priority target for the future,

Our products are the most innovative physical products with high efficiency, remain independent and autonomous, finance through blockchain, create production and commercial facilities needed for the most efficient production and distribution of heating systems in the world, systems that have been designed, patented, implemented and tested. The development of this system, produced by Saiterm, called SPRING, offers derivatives that exploits financial and industrial technology, produces and distributes highly sought after products, as needed and that responds to global needs in the future. issues of energy efficiency and human well-being. With reference to current conditions, Saiterm's goal is to reduce the power and consumption of heating systems.


Reducing environmental pollution is a must, a priority. Increasing electricity demand from geographical areas still in constant economic development, developing countries, on the one hand, need to be as much as possible, renewable energy sources and more efficient type that can consume less. In this case, there are many important agreements that can be achieved in the future. This encouragement, such as heating, offices, shopping centers, warehouses or community centers, or industrial heat treatment, such as for paint drying,

This is the most effective answer in terms of energy efficiency related to domestic heating and industrial heat treatment, therefore it is superior to comfort and healthy households and work environments for the first and

for the latter, increasing production levels, reducing processing costs and emissions.


The products that we will present in 2019 are related to air conditioning, lighting, video surveillance and audio diffusion, for certain sectors and industrial activities.

Therefore, it will always be possible to buy products from SAIEX Tokens, as well as any thermotechnical designs, software, and / or system management applications offered by Saiterm. Saiterm is committed to selling its products in the list, with an assessment of 1 SIEX Token = 1 USD until the SAIEX TOKEN day will enter the Exchange.

ICO details

For further development and project financing, Saiterm is launching its own sales mark - SAIEX . With the help of ICO, the founding team is intended to collect all the funds for the first batch of Spring systems, as well as further distribution. At the same time, with the help of tokens, you can also buy the Spring panel itself, the roomates makes the purchasing process more convenient, transparent and safe.

In total, 100 million coins will be issued for project development, 50% of which will be allocated to the ICO. The rest of the tokens are distributed even among specialist teams, and are mostly intended for further system development, scientific development, and research. The remaining 2% for prize programs and participants.

The token distribution is more clearly seen from the scheme:


Based on the above, I would like to add that I would be happy to start using such a system in my home, because I have a problem with the traditional heating system. And I am very sorry to increase their costs from year to year. Therefore, with the Spring system, I will be able to reduce my expenses. In other countries, I dare to assume that Spring ideas will also be very relevant to them.

If you are interested in this project, I suggest you get painted with more detailed details. To do this, I have prepared a number of resources where you can find all the information you need.


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