How are We?

This question is intended for users who are non russian speaking. I was once flagged by a wrong choice of tag. It was just right i don't have an issue with it. My problem arises on how can We (the english speaking users) could pick the right choice of tag for a certain post if they dont give us an english equivalent for every category? or am i too fool posting this question not even knowing that there is already a translation for category?
Its just too hard for me to guessthe right tag since i can still see it in russian language

Please forgive my ignorance 😁😉

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me too

13.01.2020 07:48

@psychkrhoz For the English-speaking audience there is a universal tag "en".

13.01.2020 07:54

Use #en. Our english-speaking community too small yet.

13.01.2020 08:22

@vvk thank you!

13.01.2020 08:26

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