SGV-G: Using Blockchain Technology to Create the Best Renewable Energy that will Save the Ecosystem from Pollution

Project Overview

In the world today, global energy is widely used to exercise all kinds of work and as human beings, we satisfy the evolution of the human race on planet earth. Tracing back to the time of our ancestors, human beings were so curious to manipulate energy in its different types of presentation in the environment and oil has been the resource that has drastically sped up the human evolution in which this planet has had to pay the bill for the combustion processes of these resources.

Pollution has been the subject that summons humanity completely these days. This is the reason why human beings have had the need to generate knowledge and also research much further on matters of energy efficiency and generation of electricity from renewable processes/energies. These renewable energies/processes per excellence come from a source of mechanical movement either through hydroelectric, wind or tidal dams. On the other hand, there is also solar radiation which gives rise to solar energy.

Problems have been persistent on planet earth and it has been a major concern. It is obtaining a source of energy which is capable of delivering an inexhaustible resource with unequaled efficiency values. The sunlight only has the capacity to provide energy for a certain number of hours of the day, the wind energy depends on the intermittent waves of the ocean. In summary, the high demand of energy is increasing and humanity does not have an inexhaustible source of energy to make possible its drastic growth.

This now brings us to the SGV-G Technology. This platform was created and developed by Dr. Wolfgang Weber Hill in Chile through the company Gigathor in South Africa. This is the technology that will be responsible for generating clean energy 365 days in a year and without any interruption, the Engineering developments in Chile have been satisfactory. The SGV-G Technology will bring life back to the world and then create a clean path of inexhaustible energy production.

The final result of the SGV-G technology is the creation of a totally mobile power generation module which is mounted in =side a container, the size of the mobile unit will depend on the generation capacity of each SGV-G unit.

The SGV-G technology is probably the best that will exist in the renewable energy sector in this world today. The SGV-G systems also work at 24/7 intervals or, in other words, at 8,600 hours per year. They do not use any conventional fuel, SGV-G are driven only by air pressure and gravity. The gap between the two forces quire broad, but it is controlled, accumulated and also reduced. This even makes it possible to combine the two forces of air pressure and gravity, with the result that the vacuum motors can produce a movement that is directly transformed into electrical energy through a conventional PMG magnet generator.

The solution that is provided by the SGV-G Technology is to deliver an inexhaustible source of energy to humanity where it will be possible to obtain energy to humanity where it will be possible to obtain energy which will be resulting from the creation of instabilities between gravity and the atmospheric pressure of this planet. With the distribution of these equipment on this planet, the ecosystem can be returned to life by delivering vitality in sectors where they are currently desert or deliver electricity to remote locations. It is noticed that every year, the generation of energy through fossil fuel emanates the toxic waste to the atmosphere thereby creating a layer of carbon where the sun's rays are not released to the outside of this planet. This even creates a cloud of heat on the environment that starts to series of environmental problems and catastrophes on the planet. The SGV-G Technology will change the gravity of planet Earth in conjunction with the continuous atmospheric pressure present in all points of planet Earth.

The advantages of SGV-G technology are endless. It is developed based on field forces that exist throughout the planet and the product of this is an inexhaustible source of energy.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

The ICO of the SGV-G Technology consists of a crowd-funding with duration of 13 months. In this process, the tokens will be put on sale and it will give access to participate in the results of the commercial execution of the SGV-G Technology throughout the world. The ICO will be offering 222.385.185 Million SGV tokens with variable values depending on each of the stages of cored funding ICO SGV-G.

The ICO of SGV-G will consist of three stages, which will include an amount of 13months. Each of the stages will aim ti raise the total funds to execute or implement the development of the production project in Germany.

Further details about the ICO can be found in the WHITEPAPER

The Token Distribution

SGV tokens will be distributed in teh following percentages and items assigned by the German Welfare and Development Corporation CPS as seen in the cahrt below:

The Delivery Profits Of The SGV-G Technology

SGV tokens delivery will be executed through an exchange platform selected at the end of the ICO. Through a platform that will be made available on the WEBSITE, the KYC process will be carried out, which will then give access to the SGV token carriers to withdraw the profits that will be distributed in BTC currency to the electronic wallet created by each one of SGV token carriers.

The earnings deliveries are detailed below:

The payments of the Royalty for production will be delivered at the end of each commercial year where the German Corporation of Charity and Development CPS reserves the exact date of delivery of said royalty.

The delivery of the profits obtained by the production of equipment SG-G in Germany will correspond to 30% of the income received by the manufacturing process of 9,000 SGV-G Units in production queue plus the future Units that will be sold to companies buying equipment in Germany. This will then be distributed to the SGV token a carriers in proportion to the contributions given in the development of the ICO SGV-G.

The profits obtained from sales of Licenses executed by the German Corporation of Charity and Development CPS will be delivered at the time of the payment and will be distributed 30% of the income to the SGV token carriers in proportion to the contributions delivered in the development of the ICO SGV-G.


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