The Toqqn platform is a small step towards a big mission to give users a privacy focused and ad-free social experience. As well, users are rewarded with crypto every day, through a new activity-based ecosystem.Toqqn Platform Development: Toqqn is in development using the best of both conventional and web 3.0 technologies. Conventional systems are used to make Toqqn a user friendly platform. At the same time blockchain technology will be adopted to decentralize user data. We want to build a social media where no user data will be stored on our platform or servers.When every major social platform abuses user data for evil purposes, the relevance of a platform that does not store user data grows day by day.At the same time, we want to reach the masses with the help of crypto, because we feel that this is the payment system of the future. Therefore, instead of exploiting users who contribute to our social platform, we reward them with crypto.

The technology
created using the best of traditional technologies and technologies Web 3.0, Toqqn will be very user friendly; At the same time, the blockchain technology is used to decentralize user data. Thus, no user data will be stored on our platform or servers, to prevent any unauthorized use or use of personal data of people.

Fundraising for project development begins in the first week of November 2018.Platform development is already well under way. We are striving to launch the first version of the platform by the 1st quarter of next year, and a fully functional beta version — by the 2nd quarter of 2019. Toqqn is a small step towards a big mission, aimed at providing users with the ability to focus on privacy and without advertising. In addition, users are rewarded with crypto every day through a new ecosystem based on activities. The uniqueness of Toqqn is that it does not store any user data, does not track you and does not accompany you everywhere with advertising.Toqqn platform development Toqqn is in development using the best of traditional technologies and web 3.0 technologies. Conventional systems are used to make Toqqn a convenient platform. At the same time, the blockchain technology will be adopted to decentralize user data. We want to create a social network in which no user data will be stored on our platform or servers. This is done to prevent any misuse or use of the personal data of people.This is to prevent any kind of misuse or exploitation of people’s private data.

Problem :When we sign into social media now, our privacy is lost. But what’s even worse, we have also lost all expectation of privacy. Like lambs lead to the slaughter, we meekly accept that we will be exploited every time we log in.Unfortunately, the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook is only the tip of the iceberg. Everyday there are new revelations of unethical ad practices.We have handed over personal data to apps designed expressly to scrape not only our own data, but also the data of our contacts — all because we are eager for the dopamine hit we get from answering a silly quiz.Apart from being subjected to scrapers disguised as quizzes and games, social media users are also bombarded with non-stop advertising. Despite users not expressing interest in particular goods or services, they may still be bombarded with ads in their newsfeeds as part of ‘lookalike audiences’ targeting. Even when users leave social media platforms, they have the unpleasant experience of being followed around the internet with retargeting campaigns.


The expense of operating a social network is not insignificant; therefore, monetizing the social platform is necessary. While a subscription model is one way to monetize a social platform without advertising, it denies access to those without financial means. So we have come up the means to provide users with access to a free platform where security and privacy are of the utmost concern, yet makes the platform attractive for investors.In order to fund the platform and attract investors, we have decided to issue a crypto token, toqqn. But this token will not only provide a way to fund our platform, it will also bring value to our users.Challenges:

Decentralization — The biggest challenge faced by the Toqqn team is how to completely decentralize our platform. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate any user data stored on our servers, thus completely decentralizing the platform, and ensuring that our users’ data is never sold or hacked for profit.The first challenge is that current technology isn’t capable of creating a completely decentralized platform. So we will combine the best of conventional and blockchain technology to provide a secure platform that does not store user data on our servers.

Quality of Community Content: In order to grow any community, the content needs to be top-notch. So the challenge is to create a platform to attract a user-base that produces great content that other users value and engage with.

Withdrawals: Because of the cost involved per transaction, members will be permitted to withdraw the toqqns they’ve acquired once per week initially. As the technology gets better we intend to make daily withdrawals possible.Mission:Our mission is to create a private and secure experience for social media users — decentralizing user data. Because of current limitations in technology, Toqqn will be built with the best of conventional and blockchain technology. This ensures user’s privacy is respected, while helping to bring the adoption of crypto to the masses.Running the platform entirely on the blockchain at this time isn’t feasible. In the near future, we will be doing our best to transform the platform entirely to a DAPP or decentralize maximum critical data, after a stable build is achieved.In addition, plans are in place to create a services marketplace where our users can provide digital services to earn additional toqqns. This will provide true utility to our crypto token, as well as help with the general adoption of cryptocurrency as a cross-border payment method that eliminates unnecessary third parties. Fees from this marketplace will also fund the platform.

Privacy by Default: Because TOQQN is designed as a decentralized platform, user privacy is ensured by default. No user data will be stored on our servers; therefore, user data cannot be used in any ad campaigns or any other data exploitation. As well, there is zero risk of user data becoming hacked for this same reason.

An Ad-Free Social Experience TOQQN platform users will enjoy a 100% ad free experience supported by sales of our crypto (TQN). Additional revenue to support the platform will come from user fees for our marketplace.Crypto to the People: As part of our mission to bring crypto to the masses, users of the TOQQN platform will receive rewards points which can be exchanged for our crypto tokens. This means anyone, regardless of financial standing can own crypto by sharing content on our platform. As well, platform users can earn additional tokens by providing digital services in our Marketplace. We are providing the Marketplace to aid in the further adoption of crypto as a payment method.

Toqqn Cryptocurrency (TQN)Our crypto token (toqqn) will be an ERC20 compliant token (a subset of Ethereum.) ERC20 allows for seamless integration with other decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as Smart Contract integration. A strict limit of 1 billion TQN will be created and this is never to be increased. The listing and exchange submission process will be started as soon as the fundraising is finished.Toqqn Cryptocurrency (TQN)Our cryptographic marker (toqqn) will be a compatible ERC20 marker (a subset of Ethereum.)
ERC20 allows seamless integration with other decentralized applications on the Etchrium blockchain, as well as smart contract integration. A strict limit of 1 billion TQN will be created, and it can never be increased. The listing and exchange application process will begin immediately after the fundraising is completed.
Total supply: 1 billion tokens (never to be increased)
10% for the acquisition of financing — unsold tokens will be added to the reserve platform.
50% to distribute to users of the toqqn platform.
20% reserved for a team of
10% for marketing, remuneration and advisors
10% reserve for the future development of the platform

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