Orionix platform is the future of gaming

Orionix is ​​a platform that connects the gaming industry with cryptocurrency. Orionix brings a solution to make transactions on gaming platforms safer and faster. This is thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, where it is known that both systems make transactions on the internet faster, safer, and lower in cost.

Nowadays there are many entertainment media to relieve our boredom. For example games. Many people play games from their devices, such as smartphones, PCs, games consoles, etc.

Games are increasingly popular and more and more players are joining the industry. This is a result of technological developments. Developers are increasingly developing their games to keep up with market demand and technological developments.

A new revolution in the gaming industry - Orionix.io This industry is rapidly developing due to its luxurious innovations, in which virtual reality (VR) is only part of it. Since this progression occurred, little has changed regarding the liberalization of items, skins and accounts. There is tremendous potential in the game world, and it is almost never used. We all heard about Steam, a gaming platform developed by Valve Corp., where users make quick payments to get the games they want into their inventory. This is where Orionix.io enters. A new trading platform in the era of Blockchain technology, specifically designed for the gaming industry to ensure transparency and security. In other words, you can buy, exchange games or decentralized inventory items using ORX tokens.

How does it work ?

Easy to exchange

Cost effective solutions. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Orionix is a commission-free system that allows users to buy / sell without paying commissions, which are charged by most traders or platforms. This is very important for companies to ensure security and be constantly updated. Although it's not surprising that people from the game industry lead a team, Orionix.io, and also Blockchain technology enthusiasts, computer programmers and financial advisors. Watch this to see how ORIONIX work and what they represent in a blockchain era like this.

Smart contract

One of the main points offered by this Ethereum-based platform is the combination of smart contracts that allow the standard to be prepared directly in the code and not to be confused. This allows you to use the stage for safe game competitions around the world. Each company is supported by a healthy backbone, and ensuring the security of transactions and lost income from higher exchange costs inhibits game development; however, ORX tokens changed the model, defeating various market regions.

The Future Game is Here

As yo realize that cryptocurrency has indicated multi dimensional potential outcomes in different viewpoint and field where quite a long while were thought incomprehensible. Crypto-computer games and cybersport gaming application is at last here, then again, actually it isn't. In the course of recent months, a consistently expanding progression of PC recreations has risen the gaming market with tremendious potential pattern line that some way or another utilized cryptographic forms of money, however in spite of their developing recurrence, just few them really utilized the Ethereum or Bitcoin mechanics to give decentralized gaming knowledge.

Truth be told, a large portion of them could be utilized as customary recreations, with the goal that nobody battles for a very long time, since the utilization of cryptographic forms of money or blockchains, when in doubt, is more an expansion to the current elements and classes of the game procedure than as a principal revamping of them. Blockchain Game, Alien Run, Miner Simulator, Itadaki Dungeon and Spells Of Genesis among a few parts in the gaming rack, are the best five most well known cryptographic diversions accessible right now on the Google Play Store as far as client appraisals and surveys drifting the blockchain organize, however each of the five will work fine with no blockchain or crypto component.


For the advantage of victimization its central system round the world, the project team determined to mix the two things found inside ORIONIX. One in all these are the or ERC-20 customary and can be designed to modify all monetary transactions associated with the acquisition and sale of one thing inside ORIONIX. The second token is created to alter the ORX image and can be ready to monitor the protection system of all transactions and alternative manipulations between participants of the ORIONIX system. Its technical protocol can modify you to trade this marker in cryptocurrency exchanges and build the foremost of your profit. If we tend to mention the purposeful part of the ORX token, its public sale can begin in August this year and last till the first month of November 2019. A complete of 600 million coins with associate degree initial worth of $ zero.1 per one ORX are obtainable.

ORIONIX Token Specification

  • Token Name : ORX


  • 1 August 2019 UTC 00: 00
  • November 1, 2019 UTC 00:00 or until the maximum limit is reached.
  • Base level 1 ETH = 2941 initial initial value 1 ORX = 01 $


More Information Orionix Visit :

Website : https://orionix.io/
Whitepaper : https://orionix.io/Orionix_ENG_Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://fb.me/OrionixToken
Twitter : https://twitter.com/orionixtoken
Mediu,: https://medium.com/Orionix
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkwaCntAOGJWqiDoXczRfQ
Discord : https://discord.gg/tm6nwD5l
Reddit: https://reddit.com/user/OrionixOfficial
Telegram : https://t.me/OrionixOfficial 

BTT : lizztrizzt
Wallet : 0x59510FB12c5d92d48cc3c0dF01fEC73661C93D94

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