VECTORIUM:- Most Powerful Project in Crypto Industry.

Vectorium Project:-
"Vectorium. In CryptoEnergy we trust! “Zero-emissions process” Turning bio mass to energy with the combined efforts of blockchain and advanced Artificial Intelligence is now an innovative reality"

#Vectorium is a blockchain based platform known for alternative energy production. Vectorium is a project that seeks to produce collectively sustainable energy sources and advanced finance known as #cryptocurrency. The Victoria Islands compromise on a medium that produces stars, air, and waste that control energy value through a high-minded structure powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. The mix of insights, programming and tools has taken the planet to a kind of Victorium level.
#Vectorium is a project that aims to overcome the problems associated with increasing waste production and unnecessary waste management. This project introduces two separate cryptocurrencies - Vectorium Flash which is POW based and #VectoriumPlus which is POS based and also Waste to Coin (WTC).
This is an attempt at #crypto currency, in addition to electricity, from primary waste processing or waste processing to crypto-mining fuel sources. In its own way, the WTC process is a kind of energy recovery and coins. Most WTC processes produce electricity or cryptocurrency through sublimation, even producing product fuels such as methanol, synthetic fuel or methane.
Vectorium Flash is a mineable coin based on a new blockchain technology. It’s the core asset of the new #CryptoEnergy project that will lead us into a new era. #VectoriumPlus, instead, is a powerful way to convert your mined coins to electricity power and consortium shares!

Elements of the Vectorium platform:-
• Waste-to-Coin:-
The Vectorium task will be implemented in a "waste-to-coin" framework, an imaginative strategy of partner-degree recovery of energy and currency through the technique of combining computerized money and electrical effects from the use of waste. Affecting waste-to-coins, Vectorium is generating energy and combining combustible fuels, including plant items, methanol, methane and others. Also seeks to create a computerized path for transferring energy from the terminal to another alternative, and has been established by all the exchange logos on the permanent #blockchain. It wants to create a partner-degree eco-integrated #crypto mining strategy from more sustainable energy sources.
• Vectorium Flash:-
Vectorium Flash is a mineable for all and supports the latest CodeBase executable tree and overwinter protection support. A quick blocktime allows you to send and receive currency in milliseconds.
• Vectorium Algo Variation:-
Vectorium incorporates a vital mining and POW structure that has not explored the ASIC ranks without the need for strong and stable RAM usage.
• Vectorium's Sapling and Overwinter:-
These features make the integration element effective for privatizing clients' reserves with dispatchable license exchanges faster than any other time when locally large wallets are not needed.
Vectorium Consortiums:-
Vectorium consortiums put the stable energy source and digital money that is in place anywhere. Those sports combine energy-driven value by combining wind, stars and wastes with a moral framework that relies heavily on currency strategies from waste to #blockchain and AI.

Benefits of #Vectorium Plus?
The amount of the vectorium dividend is 20% of the income that will be generated from the #Vectorium Islands ecosystem in the previous year (if and when described by Benedictus OU). It is important to note that the revenue for Vectorium plus will increase as the total income of the Vector Islands ecosystem is limited, however. From time to time you will get a larger distribution. Thus, the potential for income growth over time provides the basis for appreciating potential values over time.
Advantages of Vectorium Flash:-
Fom Home: - It can be mined at home like a battery to collect electricity

**Fully exchangeable:- ** It can be exchanged on the #crypto exchange with Fiat or any other crypto in the world.

Coin Burn:- Coin can be burned and converted into an energy coupon, rewards will be given within 12 months from which requested.

** Why Mine Vectorium Flash:- **

– Lightning fast transactions (less than 0.12 millisecond to have spendable coins!)

– Created to be solo mined on community pools

– Born to resist big farms and ASIC pool hoppers

– Can be burned and converted in actual power (kW)

Token Details:-

Token : #VCTP

Type : Utility

**Token type : **Own Blockchain

ICO price : 1 VCTP = 0.7-1.0 USD

Initial token Supply: 500,000,000 VCTP


**Soft cap : **750,000 USD

**Hard cap : **300,000,000 USD


Pre Sale 30/06 — 31/07 : 30%

Pre offering 1/08 — 31/08 : 20%

ICO 1/09 — 31/12 : 10%


Date: Jul 1 - Jul 21
Cap: $1,500,000 USD
Price: 1 VCTP = $0.70 USD (30% discount)


Date: Jul 21 - Aug 11
Cap: $2,500,000 USD
Price: 1 VCTP = $0.80 USD (20% discount)


Date: Aug 11 - Sep 30
Cap: Undisclosed
Price: 1 VCTP = $1.00 USD

"Vectorium project aims to deliver a way to allow people to freely share electricity power peer to peer, without any middleman commissions. The plan is do to electricity what bitcoin did for finance."




More Deatils:-


White paper:-

Project Prospectus:-



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