About PData

It is a decentralised blockchain platform where participants can carry out personal data transactions and enjoy their rewards without having to go through intermediaries. This platform is based on the existing Opiria platform. This platform is not just a platform for selling ideas; it has real products, such as smartphone applications and web applications. PDATA Token is a currency that expresses the value of personal data and helps to negotiate it in blockchain using an intelligent contract.

Thanks to the PDATA token and the fully decentralised platform, Opiria, which is a fully transparent and open market for the trading of personal data without intermediaries, will provide the following benefits:anonymity and confidentiality of these clients; Consumers receive reasonable compensation and control over their personal data;Enterprises, in turn, gain quick and easy access to individual, high-quality data.

Opiria creates a secure and efficient personal data marketplace that allows users to sell their data directly to companies without intermediaries at the expense of their privacy. The Opiria ecosystem is compatible with your PDATA token that will be used as a payment asset on the platform. Users will have full control over their income when selling their data or participating in surveys. 

On the other side of the Opiria ecosystem, companies need to issue PDATA tokens to buy customer data or send their surveys directly to consumers. Such systems will provide them with the highest quality and lowest priced personal information without the involvement of the intermediary.  

Technology Employed

Opiria has already developed applications for iOS and Android, as well as a web portal. Users can conduct surveys and earn money almost anywhere, anytime. They say the entire ecosystem with the PDATA token will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019. Opiria says its service helps customers and businesses alike. 

Many customers silently accept that their browsing data is collected and sold as a condition of using many online services. Opiria allows them to at least pay directly for this information and protects your privacy completely because all data is recorded in an anonymous set of blocks. Users may choose to provide Opiria with a large amount of data, including information about portable devices, eye trackers, their location and details about their finances and health, but they have full control over what they share or keep private.

Companies that rely on this data for both marketing and product development must also qualify data obtained through Opiria because it is more consistent and fairer than data obtained through commercial monitoring.

PDATA tokens

The PDATA token with the blockchain-based Opiria platform will create a central marketplace for businesses where they can buy consumers’ personal data directly from them without the need for a middleman to get involved in the process. In this process, customers will publish their account on the Opiria platform, where all their personal information will be disclosed, and they will give the companies permission to collect their personal information. 

For each collection of data from the customer, these are paid. The vision of the platform is to help companies to understand their customers and their needs perfectly.Even companies could ask customers to disclose their personal information through the Opiria platform. Based on the smart contract between the customer and the company for the personal data, the customer is paid with PDATA tokens and the company receives the requested personal data from the customer. 

The integration of Opiria into the PDATA token platform creates an ecosystem for the secure trading of personal information between the customer and the company. The platform ensures complete security for the customer and the company. This platform even rewards customers and uses this platform to share their personal information with companies for their market research purposes. As a result, customers can even make their data safe and secure from data brokers. 

About Token and ICO

Symbol: PDATA
ICO Period: April 21 - May 21, 2018
Token price: 1PDATA = $0.1
Total supply: 750 million PDATA tokens
Hardcap: $30 million


Website: https://www.opiria.io/
White Paper:
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