LiveTalk - First Livestream Channel In The World Combined With Electronic Money

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Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, Livetalk, an ecosystem on direct channels that broadcast live has arrived.

"A livestream is comparable with live television, the only difference is that it is being broadcasted over the internet and not on TV. There are various ways to use a livestream, it offers opportunities to come to interesting new revenue models. Besides that you can also reach an even bigger audience for existing events.

A video livestream enables you to share your story, event, concert, congress, training, meeting and so on with an audience all over the world all at the same time.

A livestream enhances your reach and offers you a global audience, who otherwise couldn't be there physically. Live streaming of events offers you the possibility to create new sources of income. You can choose for letting your viewers pay a fee before they can access the livestream."

With that being said, LiveTalk Network is a direct broadcast platform and it is supported by the blockchain technology. Through LiveTalk platform, users can make money in many forms through Live Stream.


Currently on the market are still limited Streaming applications platform integration blockchain Stream.

The application Live Stream such as Youtube or FaceBook has yet to feature built-in to Donate on the Streamer application.

The application pretty much Live Stream singly user traffic is not high.

Many applications Live Stream only domestic application is not connected to the world.

Realize that potential, we have studied and launched LiveTalk Project Network, vast network with ambitious Streaming market coverage across the world.


Proactive Content

If as before, the brand absolutely must depend on the House to make a radio programme is broadcast live, now with the technology live-stream they can fully master the game: from time to time, location program content, which is not run by any special requirements.

Saving Cost

The development of the technology live-stream has brought the program to the viewers with only the minimum equipment requirements for (smartphone and internet connection), it does not depend on the tv station itself help the optimum brand are costs directly to the program.

Increase Effective Interaction

In the era of Social Media boom, interactions become indispensable activities for all media content, whether made directly by live-stream just helps to increase awareness about the program, and also created an interactive channel : connect users with the brand & message that the brand wants to convey.

Fully Exploit Content

Same content, live-stream support diverse activities of brand communication: connect with fans through KOLs (Celebrity / impact), expanding the forms of direct interaction (hashtag, comment, tag, ...) as well as storage and easy sharing even after the program ends.

Combined with crypto currency

Help for the user easily payment on the platform, High transparency due to not through third party.

The Ecosystem

LiveTalk Network is a direct broadcast platform is supported by the technology Blockchain. Thanks to Blockchain it ensures the full hierarchy, high scalability and open market allows to Live Stream the world over.

LiveTalk Network allows user applications to make money on its platform by the form of the Live Stream as:

Direct game.

Direct music Idol This often life direct Direct teaching, consulting, advertising, product sales online.

Direct large events such as workshops, music festival, entertainment.

LiveTalk support platform 2 Live Stream is public and private. Giving users the most optimal for technology Live, defended the right of people to use.

Platform Live Stream of publicity

Users can make money in many forms Live Stream. Channel's viewership bigger the system you will have different bonuses. Also you can earn LVT Token reward in the form of viewers.

Live Stream Platform privacy

Allow more people directly in a private or group directly with just a single person. Replace the chat application has the ability to Call the current Video as Skype, Line, Vibe.

LiveTalk platform allows users to provide the most service for anyone from anywhere, became a tv station and make money from the content have different values.

The main objective of the project is to become the market leader in broadcast platform market directly. With ambitions to link the streamer across the world together. where users will always be able to find content or, in accordance with the preferences. Where the fan will easily find the Idol. LiveTalk platform creates a greater blockchain ecosystem allows LiveStream charges services via direct broadcast programs and place direct broadcast content.

LiveTalk is a project that put three market on a product:

Live broadcast: + where all users can make money, products or want to do celebrities by LiveStream

Video available: as well as Youtube or the video playback application. LiveTalk developed a platform where online video sharing. Help users can earn money through the post and video viewers can find these videos or, in accordance with their preferences.

Community organizations: LiveTalk partnered with the big event party aims to bring users and the streamer, the creators of content have fun place, Exchange, meet. We use blockchain to control the transaction and payment (token), and we have our own platform for communication, transactions and transactions in real time.

Token Sale and ICO Details

Token LVT is the Token ERC20 standard is deployed on the network Ethereum. It is determined in advance,limited supply, easy integration with both the floor and the traditional hierarchy.

Of its supply by 5 billion unit and will not be separated. No more Token will be exploited or cast in the future.

In version launches LiveTalk Network platform, the token cryptocurrency is an LVT allows right now free transactions costs inside LiveTalk Network.

TokenLVT function as a single payment platform Livetalk.

Users use token LVT to pay content which Broadcasters sell, used to donate to Broadcasters or purchase virtual items have in LiveTalk to donate for Broadcasters.

The advertising companies will use LVT to payments to Broadcasters when wanting to promote their products to viewers.

LiveTalk Network is a complete economic market. As more users join the network token values LiveTalk LVT. LVT token can also be used as a mechanism for transmitting values between users within the platform.

Broadcasters put the price of the product which he wants to be paid from the receiver see.

The live broadcast or video (e.g. 10 Token LVT to be watching Live Stream of him or 30 LVT to be watching video of him), select one of the case.

Transferred token provides (for example, 5 Token LVT per hour) and moving charge into smart contract acts as an escrow.

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Token Details

LVT token symbol

Type - ERC20

LVT 1 ICO Token = 0.007 USD

3 000 000 US dollars of soft cover (strict limit of 18 million US dollars)

ETHEREUM platform

Total tokens - 5 000 000 000

White list - NO

Customer Identification (KYC) - YES

Armenia and China can not participate.

Allow - ETH, BNB, ZRX, OMG

Token Distribution
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The Team
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The Advisors
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Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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