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Cryptocurrency forms of money are a standout amongst the most critical developments since the origin of the web. They are introducing another time of decentralization, security, and control of one's own information that can possibly change numerous pieces of society. There are as of now more than one thousand cryptographic forms of money being used, with hundreds all the more being discharged every year. Their joined market top has developed from $10 billion of every 2016, to over $400 billion at the season of composing, having recently been a lot higher.

Blockchain innovation is a standout amongst the most critical and problematic advances on the planet. Numerous enterprises are receiving the blockchain innovation to develop the manner in which they work. One of the businesses that are hoping to embrace the blockchain is the human services industry.

To date, blockchain in medicinal services has for the most part been utilized for review trails and installments for esteem based consideration. Notwithstanding, it can possibly be utilized for a lot more extensive applications, particularly given the fast rise of the web of restorative things (IoMT). Blockchain may before long permit smartwatches and cell phones to stack clinical data straightforwardly to the clinical record.

The medicinal services industry is tormented by wasteful aspects, blunders, organization, and high authoritative expenses.

Blockchain could help understand a portion of the business' most squeezing consistence, interoperability, and information security issues, just as empower new patient-driven business models.Unlocking blockchain's potential for medicinal services will be a moderate procedure, and change is probably not going to come quick.

CURES token has been fashioned out of a craving to help address this issue, by decentralizing the human services framework, enabling patients, Wellbeing Application designers, Medicinal Specialist co-ops and Hardware Providers, grasping inventive innovation so as to diminish costs and expand rare assets inside the part, making close virtual challenge, profiting by cooperative energy which thusly increases the value of all pertinent partners.

CURES social insurance organize was concocted to give essential and broad human services administrations to everybody needing it. They have a best in class gear to improve social insurance benefits hence bringing fulfillment and improving the wellbeing of everybody.

CURES organize expects to annihilate current extortionate value medicinal services organizations charge to give restorative administrations to the evil, in most developed nations social insurance suppliers expenses are unreasonably high for people procuring not without a doubt. CURES is incorporated with the blockchain innovation to engage patients, make accessible rare assets, and give quality medicinal services.


The vision of managing this change is to empower all stakeholders through the use of innovative technology such as blockchain and smart contracts, resulting in more options and choices: transcending borders, nurturing a transparent and trusted review system, allowing better and more informed decisions.

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Cures Ecosystem

  • HAPP Store

This gives applications to improve vision, personal satisfaction of their patients while programming engineers with quality human services applications can get them recorded inside the Happ store. Happ store will be a one-stop search for everything human services, the application is easy to use and simple to explore.

  • Electronic Health Records

This gives patient's availability to their restorative records with no hiccups, patients can likewise control and sell their information at their prudence. The present issue of missing records and postponement in getting their insights will all be a relic of times gone by.

  • Wellbeing Assurance

The propelled future assentions licenses for both exact understandings and nonexclusive assentions. Restorative Service Providers (MSP) are encouraged to give these understandings to a decrease, as a byproduct of installment, thus, producing beneficial worth, allowing both patient and MSP the opportunity to purchase and pitch these assentions so as to amplify their panic assets.

  • Commercial center and Trust Review Platform

The commercial center and trust survey stage will guarantee that patients never again need to trouble themselves with the issue of who or where to get social insurance checkups, they can peruse for restorative experts from that point solace of their homes.

  • Exchanging Platform

The CURES exchanging stage will kill over the top charges and false practices of middle people by giving a best in class deals channels for patients, facilities, clinics, drug stores, and merchants to get restorative supplies they need from Medical Equipment Suppliers specifically.

  • Beneficent Trust Fund

Unmistakable admissible unit, upheld with 5% of the all out token supply and proposed gifts by token clients. To be utilized as a venture system for kind advancements imagined at developing world social insurance in discouraged regions, venture accumulation straightforwardly against a lot of plainly particular models.

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This makes CURES token a general biological system of administrations accessible to all – patients, human services suppliers and those working in the field of therapeutic the travel industry, by offering a mix of special highlights including installment and settlement at least expense, unrivaled business openings including selling as once huge mob, raising money premium free, exchanging contracts for future work (therapeutic prospects), putting away and exchanging with restorative records, computerized well-being supporting applications, just as a component of corporate social obligation through the altruistic trust subsidize.

Why pick CURES?

For Patients:

  • Supporting against expansion
  • Should the CUREStoken ascend in esteem, they could exchange the agreements later for more expensive rate.
  • Confirmation component: by acquiring an agreement now you are guaranteeing future access to restorative administrations at a limited cost.
  • Contracts must be transferable to empower exchanging, or there can be distinctive structures and sorts of agreements or vouchers between the performing artists in the CUREStoken biological community.

    • -Relatives can be given now, for future therapeutic consideration.
    • Patients that movement abroad, by buying future contracts can ensure quality consideration.
    • Expats abroad are better ready to ensure care from different nations.
    For Clinics:

    • Can help with income.
    • A method for raising finances intrigue free.
    • Ensuring future work.
    • Pulling in new patients through offering special rates to the CUREStoken people group.
    • Should the CUREStoken ascend in esteem, the facility has the choice to redistribute the agreement.
    • As the facilities (MSP) can collaborate among themselves, this advances the maximum imisation of rare assets, for instance if a center purchases an imaginative laser that parts the expenses of the task; it would be practical for such centers to embrace the work benefiting from this development.
    • Extra included esteem that can be gotten from extra administrations expected to execute the agreement, for example an ex-beam or a sweep that is excluded and should be paid by the patient on the spot.
    • Through informal exchange and positive audits, potential to build customers.

    CURES social insurance activity is fixated on six (6) noteworthy subjects to be specific: HAPP store, electronic human services records, wellbeing affirmation, commercial center and trust audit stage, exchanging stage, and altruistic trust finance.

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    CURES Token

    CURES is the official and local token of the stage and it will be utilized for all types of exchanges and exercises did on the CUREStoken biological community.

    CRS is the abbreviation of CURES TOKEN, CRS is an utility token that is erc-20 agreeable. It will be utilized as the standard method of installment for administrations rendered. It will go about as a fuel in which the stage will ride on. It will guarantee exchanges are protected and secure, the group has set conventions set up to guarantee the estimation of the token. No other token will ever be made, stamped or mined.

    Token Details

    • SOFT CAP: 2000 ETH
    • HARD CAP: 175,000 ETH

    Token Distribution

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    Road Map
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    The Team

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