CAPELLA - Smart Contract for Green Energy

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Capella aims to make renewable energy the natural choice for the masses by enabling the following:

  • Buy and sell equipment and raw materials in the domain of renewable energy.
  • Investment in research and development of renewable energy.
  • Incentivizing new customers to use renewable energy sources.

Capella Missions:

  • Capella puts the power in the hands of people in terms of renewable energy
  • Capella provides power in the form of clean energy generation
  • Capella distributes and monetize the energy
  • Capella provides people huge incentives and more control
  • Using the Local Marketplace App Matrix distribution network each unit of energy will be tracked.
  • Capella puts authority in the hands of energy asset owners
  • Capella lets you to decide who they want to sell their surplus energy to and at what price.

Kindly check out the video provided below to get more acquainted:

Problems Capella is solving:

  • Slower adoption of renewable energy
  • No incentive model for green energy producers and users
  • Centralized system
  • Dependency on Fossil Fuels

How Capella intends to create a Smart Green Energy Market:

  • Decarbonization:
    Improve efficiency in energy consumption through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, including improvements in residential homes and manufacturing process and provide flexible, on-going support for research and development on environmentally supportive energy use, through subsidies and bonuses for technology development and deployment.
  • Decentralization
    Blockchain and smart contract technology are decentralized medium which cannot be changed by the utility or any other individual entity. Smart Contracts and blockchain technology permits trusted peer to peer transactions between community members and allows interactions to be enriched.
  • Digitization
    The AI powered App will allow users to form both local and global communities and buy and sell energy seamlessly on the platform. The App will draw real time data from the connected IOT devices and would enable in smooth transactions between trades and shows predictions that allow grid and storage optimization. Use of Smart meters reduces risk of fraud/theft and increased transparency to price changes and fees while improving cost savings and efficiency.
  • Democratization
    Increasing desire for a more active role in the energy market has lead to the rise of "prosumers" who seek to generate their own electricity from personal or shared community assets, and/or purchase energy directly through peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. Production is becoming more ‘democratic’ with more parties participating in the energy value proposition.

Features of Capella:

  • The Internet of Energy powered by Capella (IOE)
    The Internet of Things (IoT) will connect the data-driven, interconnected, smart devices, smart grids, prosumers and consumers alike with more efficiency.
  • Creating diversity in energy
    Energy suppliers are preferring to adapt to newer technologies that are currently being controlled by a credible number of energy suppliers. The transparent trade of green energy will bring more consumers to the table.
  • Smart and Instant energy management
    Capella will enable the formation for Smart Grids that will enable the seamless communication between the energy producer and consumers as they are more energy-savvy that will reduce the overall usage.
  • Capella Distributed Energy Platform (CDEP)
    Capella ecosystem and its native App Matrix introduces Capella Distributed Energy Platform (CDEP) for peer-to-peer energy trading. With smarter connected devices in the smart grid there lies a crucial transformation of traditional grid to smart grid.
  • Native AI Powered App Matrix for Capella Ecosystem
    The AI powered App will help the Smart grid to work more efficiently along with infrastructure management that will predict the points of failure and optimize it better.

How Capella works:

For each 1 kWh of a sustainable power source, shoppers pay 1 Capella Coin. For each kWh of vitality distributed or exchanged, the shopper will pay 1 Capella Coin towards the blockchain to affirm the exchange.
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Reasons to pick Capella coin?

  • Use of Capella Coin in Energy Payment
    Capella coins can be used as a medium to make the trading process of energy more seamlessly. As a prosumer, you can tap into the Capella Ecosystem and facilitate the energy market transactions.
  • Peer-to-peer Energy Trading Platforms
    A local marketplace that trades renewable energy will bring a shift in the foundation of how green energy is being traded. Every prosumer can trade excess energy in the P2P platform without any hassles.
  • Community-driven Enterprises
    For prosumers who will make their home a green and efficient home can trade their excess energy among the consumers in the community-driven enterprise model. Among the localized communities, the trading of energy becomes hassle-free for consumers.
  • Artificial Intelligence Powered App
    Capella ecosystem's native AI Powered App Matrix will help a number of areas like Smart Grid Operators, demand management, Prediction using Big Data Analytics, energy storage, and recycling energy.

The wallet facilitates easy transfer of tokens between retailers and wholesale markets. The tokens will act as certificates and the users will always know the source of energy. When the users send cryptocurrencies, they are sending the value in the form of a transaction. The Capella coin is designed as a reward mechanism for the encouragement of consumers. The tokens will be stored in the wallet for as long as the users need to trade energy.

To access the mobile wallet, the users need to download the application and start accessing it. Mobile wallets are considered safer than online wallets. This gives an upper hand for the Capella platform.

Benefits of Capella:

  • Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform
    Capella has designed a native app named Matrix which will function as the trading platform bringing everyone to the table.
  • Internet of Energy
    The Internet of Energy is built on the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT) that will empower the consumers to be interconnected to achieve and run more efficient energy grids.
  • Smart and Instant Energy Management
    With the advent of connected IoT devices and Smart city management, Capella paves way for the formation of Smart Grids that will result in communication between energy producers and consumers.
  • AI-powered App
    Capella’s Ecosystem is powered by Native AI-powered App Matrix that offers a plethora of options to efficiently run the Smart Grid and also help in demand management with Big Data Analytics.

Capella Token:

  • Total Supply- 2,000,000,000
  • ICO Token Sale- 40%
  • Presale- 6%
  • Team and Founders- 20%
  • Future Release- 25%
  • Market Making- 5%
  • Advisors -2%
  • Bounty-2%
  • Soft Cap – 5 million USD
  • No Hard Cap


  • Pre-ICO will be held from January, 16 to February, 15 2019
  • Maximum presale quantity - 120000000
  • Price of CPL for Pre ICO is 10 cents
  • Aim 2000 ETH
  • Limit 5000 ETH
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