Protect your BITSHARES funds ! Secure your login details!

Hello friends, today is a sad day. One of my friends lost his bishares wallet on his birthday ..........


I am user of bitshares from above one year. Have heard about two years ago but got very scared to create account because of issues related to it . As new person in crypto world all this security , long password, the way to save it complicated me a lot . I see complains about lock out of accounts and lose funds and many more stories..
A year after I created my first account in bitshares but as every noob I did the first option able so i receive the so called ,, cold wallet "
I know every one will say -,,It's up to you to save properly the info " but imagine a person who had never experienced the crypto .............


Today I will speak about :

How to protect your wallet and your funds !


For every user with bitshares account , no matter if created try DEX as:openleger, cryptobrige, rudex .......You need to do the following steps :

1. Copy and save your password on multiple places, not only on your computer, phone but also in paper.

2. For the users with ,,cold wallet" :

-save your password
-go to settings


-backup your wallet using the one of the options provided


-save the back up on several places not only on computer!!!!!!!!


On the end , protect your funds because except the recovery password that EasyDex provide for web wallet users , you don't have other option to restore your wallet.More info about in @easydex , , and discord :

Be safe everyone !

Have a lovley day and stay positive !


Feel free to comment , criticize, follow or unfollow me !

NOTE: I am very sory for tipo in tags , hope you look over it with humor !

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