Оpen the world of digital money with Investa.

An innovative solution in the world of financial technologies in recent years has become digital funds. Cryptocurrencies fundamentally change the existing sphere of financial services. Decentralization of digital money makes its owners free and independent of state and banking bodies. Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular every day. And naturally, for their free and uninterrupted traffic, a digital bank is needed that satisfies users' requests for high-quality and uninterrupted service. The concept of creating such a bank is being developed by the Investa project team http://investaco.in/. The project participants are sure that their product will become a launching pad for many people who join the community of cryptocurrency holders. Developers are committed to continuous improvement and optimization of the developed site in order to benefit Investa coin holders.

What are the directions developed by the project team? The key one is the Investa exchange. An investment platform, an electronic wallet, a terminal network, a corporate lending platform, an ETF, a launching platform, international cards will be linked to it. Now a little more detail. Holders of INV tokens will be able to receive revenue by taking part in various ICO. On the platform, the ICO will be analyzed for viability and prospects. Only projects that have been tested for many factors will be offered to Investa site users as profitable for investment. And the income can be received passively, simply having placed the INV in application for participation in fund ETF. Monthly, investors will be paid the amount depending on the average trade indicator for the specified period.

Investa electronic purse, which has a high degree of protection, will provide quick access to funds and will allow conducting transactions with a wide range of currencies. The application to the electronic wallet will display payment history, statements, transfers and other data for viewing. Applications Investa for stationary and mobile devices in the near future can be downloaded through the App Store and Google play. Conversion of cryptocurrencies for a low commission fee can be carried out at Investa. The exchange will have a high processing speed of operations, which will allow customers to reduce losses due to changes in the exchange rate. The exchange interface will support many languages, 24-hour online support will be available to customers.
Very important in the development of the project is the work on installing terminals around the world.
The Investa launch platform will help to introduce the idea of the user into reality. After the analysis and comprehensive verification, the platform team will help organize the ICO to raise funds and implement the task.

The beginning of preliminary sales of INV tokens is scheduled for May 1, 2018. The base cost of markers is set at the level: 588 INV = 1 ETH. Have time to take advantage of the discount at different stages of Pre Sale. At the start of the Pre Sale tokens can be purchased at a discount of 60%. Do not miss your chance!

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