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The intensive development of the digital economy contributes to the involvement of many people in the work with cryptocurrencies. But to date, the process of entering the cryptoexchange markets for most users is complex and inconvenient. Also, exchanges in most cases do not provide services for a wide range of fiat currencies and tokens. In this regard, users have to register at several sites, constantly switch from exchange to stock exchange, pay large commission fees for transferring money between platforms, for trading operations and processing payments. The inconvenience is caused by the complexity of calculations by cryptocurrency in everyday life. These issues need to be resolved. Now, before developers who deal with the elimination of complexities and problems in dealing with digital money units, there are great opportunities. Works in this direction and the project team Nauticus According to the idea, the Nauticus exchange will become the most popular among users. It will become a platform that provides clients with the opportunity to work with more than 300 kinds of cryptocurrencies and 16 fiat monetary units. Such an exchange will be a breakthrough in the digital economy. People from different countries will be able to use their state's money to buy altcoins without the need to convert them into other currencies. Also, users will have the opportunity to conduct international transfers with a lower commission, quickly and reliably.

The Nauticus project is being developed in several directions. The basis of the site is blockchain technology, which is the guarantor of reliability, safety and transparency. Project is focused on a wide audience, ranging from individuals and ending with enterprises. Also, the development will take into account the legislative acts regarding cryptocurrencies in different countries. The launch of the Nauticus exchange is scheduled for mid-2018. Immediately after the launch on the platform, operations with 100 cryptocurrencies will be available. During the year, the planned number of digital currency units will be increased to 300. Nauticus will provide fast operation of users due to the large capacity of the server. The project team is also aimed at creating an ICO community with various services, functions and quality control. All areas of work will be associated with the coin of Nauticus.

Developers have a work plan until 2023. For the current year, the task is to create an exchange, as well as expand the list of currencies used on the exchange. Work on the platform will be safe with high speed of work, users will be charged a low commission for using the site. Access to funds for customers is provided by the mobile application Nauticus Wallet. Based on the exchange Nauticus Exchange, developers will create the following solutions for banking operations and e-commerce. In 2019, the creation of a mining center based on the blockchain is planned. The center's task will be to generate revenue for the subsequent development and expansion of the Nauticus project. Part of the profit will be used to solve social issues, such as education and health. In 2020-2021 years the team's goal is to create e-commerce platforms and trade payments. Formation of resources for conducting new ICO is planned for 2023. During the work there is a constant coordination and licensing according to the legislation of different countries.

Now in Nauticus already registered more than 200 thousand users. The platform employs users who live in more than 50 countries.
ICO is held until May 18, 2018. The cost of one NTS coin is set at 0.00001 BTC. Have time to join the sale. The Nauticus project is waiting for a great future.


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