Decentralized cryptocurrency marketplase LocalCoinSwap.

Successful development of the digital economy requires reliable and secure decentralized peer-to-peer exchanges. To date, the existing centralized exchanges do not always meet the requirements of users. Their main disadvantages are low efficiency, low security, a long period of operations, and stringent verification requirements. Eliminate the listed problems under the power of peer-to-peer markets, which provide an opportunity for direct communication between sellers and buyers. One of the digital ecosystems that allow users to trade any cryptocurrency regardless of the method of payment and location will be the LocalCoinSwap platform The LocalCoinSwap platform is based on the blockchain technology, which means the immutability, transparency and reliability of all processes conducted on the platform. Any trader who conducts trading on the LocalCoinSwap Stock Exchange will be able to become a co-owner of the platform thanks to LCS Cryptoshare. The profit will be guaranteed to be paid to shareholders according to smart contracts. LCS Cryptoshare holders will be able to receive new tokens (airdrop) for free if ICO is announced on the LocalCoinSwap site. One of the advantages of the exchange will be a large list of supported cryptocurrencies. In addition, LCS Cryptoshare will entitle the owners to participate in the compilation of the list of new tokens.

ICO is held until June 15, 2018. The cost of 1 LCS is set at $ 0.4. Join the platform of LocalCoinSwap, which will provide the widest choice of digital currencies!


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