AKAIITO is unique platform for paying cryptocurrency in real life.

You have very little time left for profitable investment in the AKAIITO project https://akaiito.io/. In just 4 days ICO will be completed. And with them the opportunity to get a bonus of 28% will expire. Now I will tell you about this promising project that will unite the solution of various life issues on one site.
What was the prerequisite for the development of the AKAIITO platform? What prompted the team to this work? Of course, the Cryptocurrency, which entered the world of the financial market several years ago and every day takes an increasing part in the money turnover. Digital money gradually penetrates into all spheres of life. The rapid growth in the number of cryptocurrencies has led to the creation of a number of electronic purses. And in connection with this, a tool is needed for its universal, easy and reliable use of cryptocurrencies. This tool will become the platform AKAIITO.
Cryptocurrency will eliminate some negative issues that arise when using traditional paper money. Firstly, it can not be faked as a currency. And secondly, it is more reliable and will not allow attackers to deceive you.

What issues of daily life will allow to solve the platform AKAIITO? Yes, the most important. Those that occur daily or often. What do people do almost every day? They are shopping. The AKAIITO site will become a place where trade between users is possible. And the calculation, of course, will be conducted in the cryptocurrency. On the platform, an original commodity market will be created. All that is sold will be sorted by category. So buyers easily and quickly find what they need. All operations will be regulated by smart contracts. It's safe and secure. Under protection will be both the seller and the buyer. The platform will be quite strict rules. Probably, it will seem to someone not the best, but such a policy will accurately guarantee the high quality of goods and services.
Naturally, almost everyone in everyday life often uses different services. And this issue will help to solve AKAIITO. Similarly, to the goods market, the platform will be the services market. Similarly, all services will be divided into groups. The price for them, as well as the product, will be in tokens. And the cost can be either fixed or tied to the exchange rate. What services can you get using the platform? The most diverse. This is cleaning the house, and caring for children, and repairing equipment. Do not count everything. You will see when you start using the platform.
The next opportunity, which will provide the site AKAIITO, will be renting an apartment or car. The solution of this issue will become especially relevant in travel and travel. It will be possible to agree in advance on the lease, and no one will deceive you, as compliance with all conditions guarantees a smart contract.
So far, there are not so many places where you can pay with cryptocurrency. AKAIITO card will help you find out these places. It will show shops, entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes, where you will not have difficulties in calculating digital money.
Everything that is said in this article makes the AKAIITO platform unique, efficient and convenient for use in everyday life. It can be installed on fixed devices, and also as an application on mobile phones.

The AIC Token, as already indicated, can be purchased before April 15. This day ends the ICO. The minimum purchase is 10 AIC or 0.01 ETH. The cost of 1000 AIC is equivalent to 1 ETH (plus a bonus of 28%). To date, 90% of the markers sold from the quantity for sale have been sold.
The project team AKAIITO is committed to a long-term and fruitful existence. Have time to join the successful project and the cryptocurrency will become a part of your daily life!

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