Hello my dear friends today I will tell you about something global, fair, very large and promising, which is called The FairNinja !!! 

 Nowadays, people are shopping online, a lot of people. According to a survey conducted by international auditing and consulting firm Ernst Young (EY) with 29,943 people in 34 countries, 64% of internet users are shopping online and this numbers are increasing every year, even everyday. In the global rankings, India is taking the 1th place with 75 percent, followed by China and the Netherlands with 70 percent.Research has shown that consumers worldwide buy clothing the most from online stores. In the twelve months, 51 percent of the online sales channel made clothing purchases, 46 percent consumer electronics and 41 percent phone or mobile tariff packages ranked 2nd and 3rd.Mobile trading is growing three times faster than e-commerce, according to PayPal Global Mobile Research 2014-2015, which holds a pulse of m-commerce in 22 countries with PayPal's global market research firm Ipsos KMG. With the widespread use of mobile commerce, online shopping has grown even more. 

 You know the big guys, right, like E-Bay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Bestbuy etc. They all are global and ships all over the world. But do you know what they in common? They have not backed by blockchain! FairNinja is the first worldwide classifieds marketplace using blockchain technology. Let's look at the FairNinja project in the light of such information. 

 Advantages of Fair Ninja

  1. It gives you the platform to get the best deals all over the world, trading with cryptocurrency.
  2. It eliminates third-party engagements
  3. Our platform has a translation solution embedded in it for international customers
  4. An easy, yet technical dashboard for fast and easy upload of items, a wonderful experience altogether
  5. Loyalty Programs for the most loyal Ninjas.
  6. Reduced fraud
  7. Increased security
  8. Etc.

ICO Details
Token: YSH
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Date: Q2 2018
Pre-ICO Price: 1 YSH = 0.1 $
ICO Price: 1 YSH 0.08 $
Number of tokens: 300 000 000;
Token distribution: After ICO is over
Soft Cap: USD 5,000,000
Hard Cap: USD 22,400,000
Possible attachments: ETH, BTC
ICO: the exact date is not yet reported, approximately the second quarter of 2018.Token Distribution 

 Bounty program: 2%
Advisors: 3%
Reserve fund: 10%
Partners: 10%
Team: 15%
Token sale: 60%Funds Allocation 

 Marketing & PR: 67%
Research & Development: 15%
Employee salaries: 10%
Contingency: 5%
Legal & Finance: 3% 



Trade using cryptocurrency only to get only the best deals from all over the world.

Fast And Secure Transactions

Three is a crowd - Using smart contracts we make sure the seller and the buyer receive their funds and goods at the same time, no third party involvement.

Multilanguage Automated

The best and easiest translation solution implemented to automatically translate your product information for international customers.

Trading Dashboard

We will be using cutting-edge technologies to present your products in the best possible way such as AI product recognition for fast and easy upload of items, 360 camera app integration for an immersive experience and many more.

Loyality Program

Community rewards along with many more loyalty programs will be given to the most loyal Ninjas.

30 Years Of Experience in Classifieds / Partnerships

Fair Ninja is a collaboration between the Oglasnik.hr, the largest online classifieds platform in Croatia, and Gauss Development, one of the Top 50 fastest growing companies in central Europe.


 Idea/Created Fair Ninja Inc.
Q2 2018
ICO opens
Q3 2018
Start of platform development
First classified partnership
Exchange Listings
Q3 & Q4 2018
Presenting value of product through intensive marketing
Q4 2018
Start of Webshops partnerships and more classified partnerships
Q1 2019
Release of Fair Ninja platrform am]nd mobile app
Q1 & Q2 2019
Geographic expansion of Fair Ninja

 Zeljko Hudoletnjak – Founder & CEO
Hrvoje Lozancic – CTO of Fair Ninja
Sebastijan Placento – Blockchain Developer
Aleksandar Beric – Project Manager
Hrvoje Kovacicek – Designer
Ivan Lozancic – Advisor
Ivor Miskulin – Financial Advisor
Brigham Ricks – Legal AdvisorConclusion
Fair Ninja makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to sell anything online while accepting payment in cryptocurrency. There are tens of thousands of online merchants and many cryptocurrency holders around the world including you, who have the potential to become Fair Ninja users. All you have to do is choose the most advantageous offer and pay for it from your crypto-purse. More interesting with the mobile app, you’re just a click away from all the goods in the world right there in your pocket. Either as a buyer or a seller, this is the place for you to thrive; join this project today and remain basking in the euphoria of it.

 Please do well to follow the links provided below for more information. 


Website: https://www.fairninja.com/

Bitcoin talk Username:   ParakordiST
Bitcoin talk profile link:   
ETH address:  0xa9083B42AF85C96F58345e31e41D12Ce9C9232c5 

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