We have completed the platform and network update to version 1.9.2

Anyone using the mobile or desktop apps may find some functions are unavailable as we are still pushing out updates to the app store/github this morning. Your app will prompt to update as soon as this is complete.

Merchant Tools

We have refactored and expanded the merchant tools and checkout code base. Payments can now be made in BTC, ETH and JSE. Improvements have been made to the security of the merchant payment processing. These changes make our merchant tools competitive on a global level for online cryptocurrency payments.

First ethereum transaction going through the mainnet
Account Changes

Some of the account data options have been modified. Postal address is no longer required on registration. This was deemed ineffective as there were no checks on false information aside from the manual checks we did during the ICO whitelisting process. Now the information is not being used and we would prefer to ask for as little personal information as possible. A delete account option is provided on the settings page for anyone wanting to remove their details from the platform. Account based routes have been updated with changes reflected on web platform and desktop/mobile apps.

We have tested these updates in a local testnet environment but if you spot anything untoward please report it via the https://jsecoin.com/en/oddJobs/bugBounty/

Release Notes v1.9.2

BTC/ETH balance checks
BTC/ETH address generation
Client-side update for checkout
Obfuscated hashed merchant URL’s by default
IPN stored server side, private and secure
Update to web platform navigation bar
Update GeoIP database
Removed postal address form field on registration and landing pages
Updated dashboard, removed postal address
jseFunctions.round dynamic decimals on second variable
Refactored code in routes/checkout.js to modules/merchant.js
Pending payments check added to schedule.js for BTC/ETH payments
Additional publisher quality checks on ad exchange and mining
Delete account option on settings page
Moved account based routes from index.js to account.js, new end points:








Improvements to captcha graphics
Additional security checks on checkout.payBalance
Bugfix on decondeURIComponent generating safeHashString
New navigation menu and captcha graphics

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