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About Vestarin

Vestarin is a unique platform for the cryptocurrency market. You can find the right people to work with the blockchain projects. Spend crypto for daily needs, shopping, restaurants or services without changing it to fiat money. Be more informed from trusted people about new ICO start-ups before investing in them, as well as about a lot more features such as informational base, news, forum and mining farms market, in order for businesses to integrate an establishment or a shop in any country and get a profit in cryptocurrency.

How it works?

  • Owners of shops, services, exchange points integrate their businesses into the Vestarin platform, while users make purchases and pay for services with their VST tokens.
  • ICO representatives integrate their projects into the platform, while users will estimate and discuss them in public to create the reputation, which enables investors to rely on it.
  • Vestarin will offer its users the set of latest technologies and hot news of cryptocurrency from dozens of sources for a worldwide audience.
  • Blockchain-technology professionals and cryptogizmos will have a joint platform for coworking.

    When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it can be difficult for the average user to pay for services. They would have to seek for the ICO, hope that it’s reputable, and then hope that the users on that platform have the service they need.

With Vestarin, it solves this problem through its innovative platform. When users obtain VST tokens, they are introduced to Vestarin’s marketplace where they can buy goods and service with their cryptocurrency.

Simply, Vestarin wants to help users spend their cryptocurrency with ease. The token falls into the store’s asset, and the store sets their price for the product they are trying to sell. You can buy goods in fiat money or external cryptocurrency.

Here are the possibilities Vestarin offers to its users:

  • It is profitable to pay with cryptocurrency - in shops, salons, restaurants, cinemas, etc .;
  • Possibility to assemble a successful and interested team for the further development of a project;
  • Ability to convert currencies without huge commissions and costs in the most reliable exchange systems;
  • Investing in ICO with minimal risks and maximum benefit guarantee;
  • Unlimited communication and transfer of funds and data via chat in Vestarin application;
  • Specialists in any field will have the opportunity to join the interested team with great prospects for development;
  • The very first users will learn about the latest developments in the field of blockchain technologies and have the opportunity to try them out.

    Token Name – Vestarin token (VST)
    Total tokens issued – 200,000,000
    Pre-ICO Start Date – January 30, 2018
    Pre-ICO End Date – February 28, 2018
    ICO Start Date – March 5, 2018
    ICO End Date – April 4, 2018
    Hard cap – 100,000 ETH

    All unsold tokens at the end of the ICO will be destroyed.
    The Vestarin token
    As with any other ICO, the company will issue its own currency, the Vestarin token (VST)
    Once created, the VST token will be distributed as follows:

Pre-ICO – 7%
ICO – 75%
Founders – 13%
PR, Bounty, and Advisors – 5%

The uniqueness of the Vestarin platform is that it is one of the few where users have the opportunity to fully pay with the cryptocurrency without the need to convert it nto a fiat currency. Such a transaction is often very unprofitable and time-consuming. In addition, the benefits of Vestarin for business are undeniable - there is a large audience of interested users, and there is also the opportunity to find investors for new projects.

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