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Truegame was launched in 2017 as a fully working smart contract based iGaming platform. We received extremely positive feedback from the community and focus groups. We closed a private round of funding within 24 hours and even refused one of the funds in full redemption of the project.

We are not even the first, but the only ones with a working blockchain-based gambling platform offering a wide range of games with a unique scale-able architecture and tremendous growth potential. We didn’t conduct an ICO based on hype in 2017. Instead, we developed a unique offering, collected feedback, iterated and attracted players.

Now that we're proven, we are ready for scale-out and market expansion. Our team consists of high-caliber developers, legal, sales and marketing professionals with many years of experience in user acquisition, email marketing, iGaming traffic generation and promotion. We also attracted a high-profile token expert who has led successful ICO's in the past. After a year in development, we are ready to offer Truegame to you.


  • Problem: Player’s mistrust to the casino manager. In most cases with online casino, the player does not have a chance to check the randomness of determining the winner [20]. Generating random numbers is not transparent, and even in case of certifi ed algorithms, a player can not be 100% sure of trustworthiness of a party that monitors the game.


Truegame solves this problem using blockchain and smart contracts technologies. Our algorithms for generating random numbers are available on GitHub [4] and can be checked by anyone. Generation of random numbers and distribution of winnings happens not on our servers, but in an autonomous environment of blockchain Therefore, neither side can intervene in this process.

  • Problem: Most of the websites of gambling industry can not provide suffi cient transparency to the user to ensure the player’s complete confi dence in the integrity of site managers. The player can not see how many people actually took part in particular game, which of them won and what is the amount of the winning


Our platform presents a completely transparent system - all transactions are stored in blockchain. They can not be changed or deleted. Anyone can check and see the progress of all our drawings on an independent platform (for example Etherscan) or on his computer on which the corresponding environment of blockchain is deployed

  • Problem: The player can not check the paying capacity of casino operator. The user can not be sure whether the casino management has funds for payments, and whether the promised Jackpot can be actually provided.


Truegame provides full transparency - all the accumulated funds are consolidated on a smart contract. Anyone can look at the size of Jackpot on an independent platform, ensuring our ability to pay the winnings.

  • Problem: Security. An overwhelming number of online resources is subject to attacks by hackers. Whatever protection measures are taken by the owner’s site - the risk of hacking always remains. In case of traditional online casinos when their site is compromised, the attacker is able to fully manage the draws and access the Jackpot.


Truegame is a decentralized application (DAPP). If our website is compromised, the attacker will not be able to infl uence the process of the draws or gain access to the Jackpot. Our site is only an interface of the infrastructure that we created in the environment of blockchain. Drawings, storage and distribution of the Jackpot are managed by a smart contract that is executed in a decentralized environment


Unlike most of the projects that were before us, we developed and launched a fully ready platform based on our infrastructure. Our architecture allows us to develop and run games that no one else did before. Some of them have already been launched and are available for playing. Truegame is now a completely fi nished and working iGaming platform. We have diff erent games, a billing system, as well as a shopping cart, due to which the player can participate in several drawings at once, buy online tickets as goods in the online store

The team explains, with blockchain technology, they could bring full transparency in gaming industry because of the generation of the random number, no manipulation, etc. Openness of the winning result ensures players that the game is even and they have fair chance of winning. The automatic distributions of the winning could be another benefit for players.

Truegame uses the blockchain technology to give its users absolute transparency and fair chances when they play there. How does the company do it? By using smart contracts to ensure that the numbers of all the games are randomly generated and that every game will be stored publicly on the blockchain.

This means that someone that plays using the Truegame platform will definitely be protected against scams, which are pretty common in this industry. The result of each game played on Truegame will be stored and can be consulted. This means that these results are not falsifiable.

The blockchain used by the company was created by the own company, so, via a thoughtful and flexible architecture of the blockchain, the company is able to enjoy the best of the technology and apply this technology to its games.

Since the blockchain does everything, since randomly generating numbers to be used in the games to distributing the winnings of the players, you can be sure that the rules will be strictly followed.

Tgame Token:

TGAME token is a currency based on ETH20 protocol (to check) with a total 300 000 000 tokens supplied. After ICO, the purchase tokens will be immediately sent to your ETH Wallet. Actual price for coins is 18,500 TGAME for 1 ETH on Private Sale. We can avail the three Pre-sale stage where the price is ranging from 1 ETH = 12950 on stage 1 to 1 ETH = 11,100 on stage 3 and with corresponding bonus. The main sale will be on 16.04.2018 — 30.04.2018 – 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME.

Minimum purchase on main sale is 0.1ETH and there is not limit for maximum. What does it mean? There is a chance that big players will buy a great share of available tokens. So if you also want to eat a cake, better hurry up!


Consists of 19 experts including the CEO(Mr.Dmitry Danilov). Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field. I like the way they presented themselves. As well as picking up couple known in a crypto world names could significantly increase their popularity.

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