Omnitude - Revolution by Blockchain Technology.

Hello! Today we will consider a project that offers a fresh solution to an important problem! This is a project Omnitude.

OMNITUDE is here to help the merchants and sellers by providing single identity and single reputation system based on the blockchain technology. It enables the Omnitude Identity (OID) where the customer has to enter his personal identity data only once which is stored on the OMNITUDE Blockchain.
Through this technology Omnitude is solving the problems that were otherwise not possible to overcome which includes frauds, better integration without glitches etc. Omnitude prevents frauds and thefts in the ecommerce industry.

As a matter of fact about 45% of suppliers and merchants have already lost above $1,000,000 USD in revenue from problems associated with integrating cross-channel capabilities into their commerce.The common types of eCommerce fraud among others are:

  • Clean Fraud: The fraudsters acquire excessive amounts of people’s personal data, and thereby, able to make purchases by accurately impersonating legitimate card holders.
  • Identity Fraud: Criminals are able to do this by accessing enough information about an individual’s identity such as name, date of birth current or previous addresses.
  • Account Takeover: Fraudster poses as a genuine customer, gains access, and control of a person’s account and goes ahead to make unauthorized transactions.

Omnitude is a blockchain based smart platform that connects block chain technologies, ecommerce platforms and enterprise systems that are concerned with building end-to-end supply chain. It aims to make the online retail industry to become more transparent, more profitable and more secure as the platform itself will be transparent and open for anyone to design and create Omnitude applications to integrate with existing solutions in eCommerce, supply chain and enterprise systems.

Omnitude will act as an intermediary to enable simple integration of block chain technology into existing systems, and thereby transforming their capabilities. This will be done in two phases;

  • Launching of the Omnitude platform to enable connectivity between various technologies and platforms, allowing them to take full advantage of the block chain technology in a fast and efficient way.
  • Building of Omnitude Apps to Solve specific problems. The Apps will be built by both the community and the Omnitude team. Several Omnitude Apps ready for launching are already in existence.

The existence of Omnitude will help you in achieving these things in retail and commerce industries.

  • With the development of e-Commerce in the modern world, there is a high chance of fraud. Fortunately, the existence of Omnitude will help you in detecting and reduce the fraud in the e-Commerce field. Therefore, the business will provide more profits.
  • By using Omnitude, you can obtain a transparent system for manufacturing the supply chain. In this case, the system is not only transparent but also accountable. Therefore, you can get lots of benefits from this platform for your business.
  • By using Omnitude, you can also get OID, or the Omnitude ID that will be useful for every site of Omnitude sites. In this case, Omnitude will work along with some e-Commerce sites that will be helpful in improving the work and giving easier for the customers.
  • If you’re the practitioner in modern retail, then the existence of Omnitude will help in creating the Blockchain integration that will be beneficial between the enterprise systems for the industry. It’s a very great consideration for you who’s concerned in this field of business.


Omnitude has ECOM token, and it will be launched with the Omnitude launching. To be involved in Omnitude’s business ecosystem, you’ll need to have ECOM. Therefore, you can’t miss the chance for having their token. The sale will start in the first quarter of 2018 (February 28th, 2018).

The funds that will be received through selling these tokens will be used for development of the Omnitude platform and its entire ecosystem. These funds will be also be aiding to incentivise the participants and users. Out of all the ECOM tokens 5 million i.e 5% of the tokens will be allocated for pre-sale investors. 50 million tokens will be kept reserved for Token Sale investors and remaining 12 million tokens which is 33% of the tokens will be reserved for the team and advisors. 5% of the funds received will be used for planning and development of the platform to be launched. The major chunk which is 60% will be used for the platform itself. Business development and marketing will have 10% and 20% reserved respectively. The legal will have 5% of the funds allocated to it.

100 million ECOM will be in total supply and $ 0.40 USD = 1 ECOM.


OMNITUDE team is a group of experts who have years of experience in the domain of technology and business. They believe integrating blockchain technology in the current e-commerce system will enable rapid growth of the industry.


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