Investa. ICO.

Investa has been developed over the last 2 years by the founders, Nick Moore, Petr L Huszar and Chris Schwarz. The team have always had a keen eye on the crypto market and all have experience in Fintech, so it was natural that when the market demand and customer feedback pointed to an opportunity to serve the crypto community with an integrated suite of investment and payment products.

Investa will not diverge, or avoid changing the way things are going, even the investor will get the opportunity this ICO gives investas to raise funds and issue coins in the hands of the people who will share the trip .
InvestaCo is engaged in a completely transparent process, even outside the source code. Here is another way to convey transparency and community control.
Involve an accounting firm for a third-party audit, which will be reported to the public.
Currency holders can contact the investment team through redundant channels such as slack, telegram, Twitter and community forums.

Investa is designed to be useful. We have taken the best of crypto and fintech, then distilled it down into a collection of symbiotic services which work in tandem to enable users to increase the value of their crypto assets. Logical and efficient.

InvestaCo is committed to a fully transparent process even beyond the open source coding. Here are other ways we intend to offer transparency and community control:

  • Engage an accountancy firm for third-party audits, which will be reported to the community.
  • Founders will be limited from liquidating their INV at a rate of more than 20% of the total pool within the first year. This is to prevent dumping and to keep a stable token price. It also keeps their interests aligned with the INV community over the longer term
  • Reserved token crowdsale funds will be accessible only for the stated purposes, e.g. liquidity or community rewards. The INV price of future token crowdsale events will be determined based on, but not limited to, the INV exchange price prior to the crowdsale event in question.
  • Community approval will be used via smart contract voting based on coinholding and consensus. The voting may approve coin reserve unlocking, club membership policy changes, and other changes that affect the INV community.
  • A minimal threshold amount will be required to complete a token crowdsale. The ICO will have a series of cap levels. If the crowdsale does not reach its soft cap of 1 million, any funds received during the token crowdsale will be returned to the original initiating wallets. Assuming the soft cap is exceeded, but the hard cap of 50 million tokens is not met, any unsold tokens will be retained for market liquidity support. Any funds received after having reached the maximum cap of 50 million tokens will be returned to the senders’ wallet.

Ownership and Investa IP are held in a UK registered limited liability company, with all the licenses, technology and authority required to issue an INV token.
The company operates remotely with employees and partners in the United Kingdom, Chile, Brazil, Panama, the British Virgin Islands and India.

The INV platform will be the multi-currency payment gateway within the INVESTA ecosystem, allowing its users to exchange money, crypto-currencies or virtual goods for cash available on platforms as well as ‘quick access to our entire range of products and services.
Multi-Asset Compatibility (any active blockchain compatible and accepted by the INV platform).
Best exchange rate and transaction fees available.
Decentralized and secure storage.
Direct access to services such as the ETF basket, corporate loans, dashboard, asset management, INV cards, money transfer services and much more.

Investa Banking Universe

  • ETF Crypto Basket
    INV Coin can be used to participate in future presales and ICOs of new blockchain based ventures.
  • Crypto Managed Portfolio Services (CMPS)
    CMPS - This investment option involves profiting from the knowledge and experience of our INV trading Desk, Offering a variety of products such as Crypto Mutual Funds, Crypto Managed Funds or Crypto Peer Managed Portfolio.
  • Remittance Services
    Through the ITM Network and Office newtork located in the region the general public can take advantage of the INV Network to make Cash remittance wires across the region at the best fees possible.
  • ITM - ATM Network.
    ITM is a network of 2-way ATM services spread out throughout all of the LATAM region and some European countries.
  • Enterprise Lending
    Trade financing for businesses with a strong credit profile and positive cashflow. We lend USD against invoice receivables, credit card terminal income and other business assets.
  • Investa Exchange
    Investa plans to build a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. As the consensus algorithm of blockchain technology advances, decentralized high-frequency trading and real-time order book matching will become feasible
  • Investa Gold Card
    As a world exclusive Investa Galaxy cards will be the first to offer a special INV Priority Pass Gold Card membership included in one of the card options.
  • LaunchPad
    Launchpad is a startup accelerator and ICO consultancy centre.

Token Information

Token Standard : ERC-223
Abbreviation : INV
Maximum Coin Supply : 50.000.000
Soft Cap: 1.000.000
Hard CAP : 30.000.000
Base Rate : 1 ETH = ∞ INV

Token Distribution

ICO 40%
Team 20%
Community 10%
Liquidity Reserve 5%
Reserve 5%

Token Allocation

OPS 20%
Legal 10%
Marketing 10%
Aquisitions 17%
R&D 43%

The Investa platform is developed and managed by a team of highly qualified, qualified specialists in the field of technology, finance and business.


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