BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British investment company based in London, UK, which is a member of KJ Holdings Corp. The company is in process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project, this project consists in building an integrated sports compound including a Formula 1 Track surrounded by top-class hotel and recreational units: (Total Assigned Land: 300 Hectares) in Hammamet, Tunisia.

BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD has succeeded to finalize a deal with BDSwiss Holding PLC, to allow its investors (BITRACE Buyers) to Trade Shares, Indices, FOREX, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies with CFDs on:, using BITRACE Tokens.

BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD has also succeeded to finalize a deal with Margarete’s Beauty in Toronto Canada ( to kick-start the worldwide promotion and marketing of LaBelle & LeBeau Franchise Beauty Salons to allow its investors (BITRACE Buyers) to purchase the Franchise products and services using BITRACE Tokens.

BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is also planning to perform few acquisitions i.e. a Tour Operator, few Holiday resorts and introduce the payment using BITRACE within Tunisia, North African countries (Maghreb States) and southern Europe.

This project consists in building an integrated sport compound including a Formula 1 Track surrounded by topclass hotel and recreational units:
1 Fully Equipped race Formula 1 circuit
1 Karting
1 Museum
1 International Exhibition Centre
4 Tennis major Stadium
1 International Golf Course

1 Football Stadium
2 Hotel 5-stars
1 Hotel 7-stars
8 International Restaurants with different cuisines
Beach facilities including various Beach Clubs
1 Techno-park
4 Major Chalets / VIP Palaces
60 Sea-Side Villas
240 Twin Villas with view over the Golf
600 Apartments with sea-view, view over the Golf, and / or Mountains
1 Major International CASINO
1 Major Shopping Mall
25000 Parking lots
Green Area& Gardens
Over the years, the brand Bitrace Investments LTD effectively invests funds, receiving under its control a large selection of projects, products and services in different parts of the world. Tokens of Bitrace Investments LTD in practice provide a set of advantages for investors — stable and active growth in value, a convenient platform for online trading and the use of tokens. With the help of Bitrace Investments LTD tokens, investors and project participants get an opportunity to rent cars in different countries of the Mediterranean, fast and profitable purchase of air tickets from tour operator partners on different routes. Undoubted advantage is also the favorable terms for purchasing various tourist programs, tours and leisure options using Bitrace Investments LTD tokens.

BITRACE INVESTMENT LTD plans to make Bitrace token acceptable as a legal tender in all the business affiliated with the company. They also plan to ensure that all the companies that collaborate with them accept the Bitrace token as a means of transaction globally. More than 20,000,000 Bitrace tokens have been sold already, and there are indications that much more will be sold in the nearest future. Considering the plans that this company have on the ground for the Bitrace token, it is a question of time before it becomes globally accepted as a means of exchange. The ICO started its presale on 5th of January, and it has made an impact since then, selling more than one million dollar worth of Bitrace token. With the rate of publicity going on, it is a question of time before the planned $3,000,000 is reached.

Token Distribution

Token Sale
Картинки по запросу Bitrace ico
Token Symbol: BRF

Hard cap: 57.626.400 US $

Soft cap: 3.000.000 US $

Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 BRF

Token for pre-sale.000.000 BRF

Token ICO: 356.264.000 BRF

Geography: Available to investors from all over the world other than the United States and the Republic of Singapore.

Price token: 0.10 US $ Smart-contract address

Platform: Ethereum

Smart-contract: will be available on the company’s website. during the sale of the crowd.

Payment method: ETH, BTC, BCH

Standard token: ERC20

Additional token: Emissions Not available.

Token emission date: Right after ICO finish.

Purchase limit during ICO: Purchase of at least 100 tokens.

All unsold tokens will be burned within 48 hours after ICO is closed.
On completion, the city will be opened to all, but the cryptocurrency to be used in the city will be Bitrace token. Bear in mind that 16% of the total ICO released have been sold already; this is to tell you that many more people are preparing for the take-off of this global sports city. Aside from being the official cryptocurrency for the city, the Bitrace token is also one of the best investment methods you can ever come by in today’s financial world. Even if you do not reside in this city, you can buy the cryptocurrency as a means of investment since cryptocurrency is the currency for the future.
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