Review. Project CyberMiles - ecosystem services for e-commerce.


Hello all! Today, I want to make a review of the project - which pretend to be the most influence in the world of trading and electronic commerce.

CyberMiles - it is new blockchain based solution for electronic commerce to make it faster, more safetly! Platform is a new and revolutionary generation blockchain optimization for more comfortable electonic trading!


Last years e-commerce gaining a huge popularity in all the world, also cheating on it raising too! And it became serious problem for users and traders! It was need something new in this industry, something more safetly.

Innovative project CyberMiles proposes to integrate the latest blockchain innovations to power “Smart Business Contracts” on a highly effective chain, and it could help to resolve different problems.

5miles LLC (5miles) creates its own ICO and and project CyberMiles with it own CMT token. This Token they planned to make like “master token” and there funding and empowering new e-commerce applications and projects. It will be similar to ETH which used for the current generation of ICOs.

Simple words CyberMiles is decentralized market for trading, which has a great features!

New world, with it growing cryptocurrency community need to make something new! Because e-commerce sphere need very low tax fees and very fast transfer of data.

And all this problems could solve CyberMiles blockchain.

Here is how it works and what the differences:

                                    CyberMiles VS ETH


The major advanteges of CyberMiles better connect “sellers” with the most relevant “buyers” decentralized network is:

  • availability of network services
  • resistant to data center failures
  • allow c2c sellers and buyers to reach agreements
  • better connect sellers with relevant buyers
  • ability to operate in a trustless environment

So considering all these advantages and a successfully ended ICO I make decision that this project will have big cryptocurrency future! Will have itself market with big ecosystem!

                  Results of ICO CyberMiles which was comlete in one day:


Now, Token CMT (CyberMiles) is listed on the next exchages : Binance, Huobi, Cobinhood, OKEx, CoinBene, Bibox, Dragonex. Market capitalization - $46,443,652.

Here is the most important links, Join now and grow up with the project!

Official site -

WhitePaper -

Twitter -

Facebook -

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Medium -

Github -

Telegram -

Always choose only the best!

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