Quantum computers for crypto servises? Its big future with Quantum1Net

Crypto reality reliably entered into our life. Many crypto companies try to find something new, great solution for future, which will plays major role for all crypto community! Many genium brains try to solve thousands problems to have a quality possibility use all crypto servises.
I am interested in revolutionary projects, which could change the world or can give the world some unique solutions.
Not long ago I start learning about project Quantum1Net - official site is here - https://quantum1net.com/
Want to share my observations about this platform! I think it have all chances to be revolutionary project.
First that need to say it that the team of Quantum1Net project developed a new solution and their own technology. New quantum computers can exploit the unique properties of microscopic world, superposition and entanglement, to perform calculations much more efficiently than ordinary computers.
Quantum mechanics allows for the generation of intrinsically random sequences of numbers. These lie in the heart of our Quantum Encrypted Key Generation (QEKG) technology, which will allow for secure storage and transfer of data. It will provide the level of complexity in cryptographic key generation.
And it solves thouthand problems which we have in our computer reality! Its a new level of work! Its a new level of transactions!


Project plans the Token Sale, which will starts February 1, you can check it here - https://quantum1net.com/
Every investor who will participate in first Token Sale will have 20% discount to Convertible to Gold Token at the second Token Sale which will be in July 2018. The third Token Sale plans on January 2019.
Many crypto investors plan to support this project, as for me I like solutions which offers quantum1net and I think it one of the revolutionary project, which will have huge success!
Choose the future now:
Official site - https://quantum1net.com/
Whitepaper - https://quantum1net.com/Q1N%20white%20paper.pdf
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/quantum1net
Twitter - https://twitter.com/quantum1net
Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Quantum1Net/
Telegram - https://t.me/Quantum1Net
Medium - https://medium.com/quantum1net

Good luck! Choose only the best!

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