Welcome to the Whaleshares Future!

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Hey Whaleshares.... I'm So Happy

Hey Whaleshares Family. I'm Pairmike and I have been anticipating the launch of the Whaleshares project for a long time. I've watched @OfficialFuzzy host, organize, collaborate, and support and invest in multiple projects. He has had a positive impact on the Graphene blockchains, starting from Bitshares, then Steemit, and now his own chain.

Congratulations Fuzzy to you and your team! You guys rock!

The Whaleshares' Difference

Having witnessed some of the challenges on Steemit, I'm excited to see what governance differences Whaleshares will institute in order to ensure a better ecosystem for content creators.

New Apps on Whaleshares

Today's Whaleshares launch can be the start of many decentralized applications being built on the Whaleshares chain. Just like many blockchain developers built awesome apps around the Steemit blockchain, I anticipate developers doing the same for Whaleshares.


I launched an User Issued Asset (UIA) or token called STEEMFACTORY over a year ago. The project

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