Steem Factory: A Token Portfolio Fund and Reward Token

A great deal of progress has been made in past few weeks.

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A few weeks ago, Steem Factory rebranded and started its new mission as a Token Portfolio Fund and Reward Token. Read More

Recent Donations to The Fund

The Steem Factory Token Portfolio (The Fund) holdings have changed. Tokens were added based on donations from the founders.

Tokens Donated Quantity
BTWTY .0001
NOWCOIN 5.6339
Bridge.BCO 5.9840016

Other Portfolio Changes and Distributions

The Fund sold Open.LTC and purchased bitUSD with the proceeds.

The Fund holds some tokens that pay dividends and/or distributions. On 9/5/2018, The Fund received an OBITS distribution payout from the Openledger DEX.

OBITS Voting

The Openledger DEX has proposed a market making change for OBITS token holders. The Fund voted 'yes' to accept the proposal.

Fund Holdings

With the built in transparency of the Bitshares DEX, one can view the holdings of any account at any time. Take a look at the current holdings of The Fund's Steemfactory account.

Cross Chain Community Tokens

STEEMFACTORY tokens will be used as rewards to support Graphene and EOSIO based blockchain communities and developers. Stay tuned for more details.

Do You Have a Bitshares Account?

Note: In order to receive STEEMFACTORY Tokens you must have a Bitshares DEX account. If you don't one, click here to create one.

To learn more about Steem Factory, read the White Paper


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