Selling My Car for Crypto

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Selling My Car for Crypto

I am selling my 2003 Honda Accord for sale. The asking price is $2750 USD. Also, I'm accepting the following Graphene tokens as payment:

  • SBD
  • BTS
  • BitUSD

Car Description

  • 2003 Honda Accord 4 Door Sedan
  • Miles 256,000
  • Engine was replaced in August 2014
  • The interior and body is in fair condition
  • The air conditioning does not work
  • Sometimes the car gets stuck in park, must use a screw driver to put into gear.

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The Car Needs Repairs

Part Cost & Installation
- Front Engine Mount $258
- Side Engine Mount $198
- Air Intake Hose $65
- A/C Compressor $762
- Coolant Flush $71
- Power Steering Flush $108
- Suspension Control Arm Bushings $274
- Cabin Filter $40

The repairs was estimated by my mechanic at $1853.00 which includes parts and labor.

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The car is located in suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Buyer is responsible for picking up the car.


More information

I have the title to car. If you need more information, please leave a comment below and I'll respond.



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