Learn to DJ - Part 4 - The Bobcat Scratch

### The Bobcat Scratch or The Joe Cooley Scratch Welcome to the 4th installment of Learn to DJ. In this lesson we will be covering the Bobcat Scratch. > The Bobcat Scratch is my favorite. I learned this scratch by listening to LL Cool J's Jack The Ripper. LL's DJ Bobcat performed this scratch flawlessly and with great precision. In my mind, if a DJ can perform this scratch then he is probably a pretty good scratch DJ or Turntablist. Watch the video below and I'll walk you through the steps. This scratch will take a lot of practice to learn and more to master, but it is achievable. Trust me I know.
Watch the tutorial below for instruction. If you have any questions, please leave comments in the reply area. Thanks, [@pairmike](https://whaleshares.io/@pairmike) aka DJ Yo! --------------
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