IronX Technology Platform

Key features
IronX Exchange platform will operate based on the AlphaPoint’s technology. It will use the ground-up implementation to create next-level solutions to current industry issues. Based on the same high-grade architecture used by major trading systems, the IronX Exchange will provide the following system features:

• Ultra-high performance architecture for managing global scale industries
• Accelerated performance; 1 million trades per second
• Intuitive, friendly graphic user interfaces
• High-grade security and data protection
• Simple systems management
• Constant, top-of-the-line system performance
• Error detection codes on all records
• Always active, dynamic database
• Comprehensive customer coverage and service offerings
• Quick failover support
• Simple systems management
• HFT capable systems
• Monitoring and alert
• Seamless fail-safe modes
• Easy FIAT-to-CRYPTO purchasing capabilities
The benefits of use for clients of the IronX Exchange platform will include, among others, the following:

• Access to multiple different cryptocurrencies
• 24/7 supported trading
• Fixed transaction fees
• Run reports
• Highly accepted withdrawals and deposits in CRYPTO and FIAT for all users
• Audit trades
• Automated dispersal in Daily Account Statements or set default recurring daily reports for users who are new.
• Ability to edit, cancel limit, and place orders into the order book through the API
• Artificial Intelligence that is capable of matching orders through inputs of more than 1 million transactions per second
• Nine supported order categories that include market limit and stop
Device Coverage
The IronX Exchange will offer the ability for clients to seamlessly trade across all common devices, including:

• Android and IOS systems
• Desktops
• Tablets
• Traditional online trading platforms, e.g. MT4 and Webtrader

Target Customers

• Digital asset traders
Users seeking a secure platform through which to trade cryptocurrency will benefit from the IronX Exchange ecosystem by obtaining access to a collective pool of trade orders displayed on a single exchange, monitoring volume as well as eliminating slippages and slow processing times. The IronX Exchange wishes to provide a safe and easy pathway for crypto enthusiasts that wish to start trading or investing in crypto by providing easy to use onboarding process and high-quality service
• New-to-market users
For individuals unequipped or inexperienced in the world of cryptocurrency, the IronX Exchange will enable a smooth and seamless transition into the crypto exchange trading environment by allowing users to place orders for crypto assets using FIAT currency. This essential offering will be further supported by the ability to implement automation of withdrawing or deposit payments, enjoying the same fast clearance and settlement processing as a token on the exchange.

• ICO Companies
ICO companies will have the opportunity to list their platform coins on the IronX Exchange. All listings will be subject to a thorough verification and review of candidate company information, after which voting by a special designated advisory board will determine the outcome of the listing request. If successfully meeting all criteria, legal classification and considerations, regulatory, compliance, and other strict metrics for approval, ICO companies will be required to pay prearranged “Listing Fees” solely through IRX tokens

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