IDLV token- bionetwork membership a variety of internet applications

IDLV token is the membership token of anterin which carries out different types of services. The membership of token can be gained by using anterin services and also can be brought directly from blockchain exchange.
When users have an anterin membership, they will enjoy the following benefits:
• As per their membership level, they will be given various benefits such as cash back rewards and vouchers. Additionally, these cash back rewards can be used for a variety of consumptions activities via internet shopping mall linked to anterin app.

• Temporarily, if cash back is lacking, users can repay using their membership as collateral.
• The membership can be freely exchanged and acquired from a blockchain exchange, thus it has clear value compared to the general membership.
The objective of the IDLV platform is to develop an economic network in which the rights of the consumer are rewarded. In the internet platform that utilizes IDLV membership, each user can be rewarded with a token for compensation and personal information such as gender, age, activities on the internet, educational background and more. Moreover, users can selectively subscribe to the advertising they want and are rewarded. User’s information and internet activities are being used by internet providers based on large capital powers at no cost to create profits.

Artificial intelligence and big data analysis are used to create a marketing strategy. The big scale internet companies are exclusive to marketing strategies and advertisement which also available at small scale merchants. Here small business also able to purchase tokens.
IDLV platform features: IDLV is a member ship of internet application and platforms-
IDLV distinction sharing economy

IDLV token is a membership token. If customers use anterin services, they will receive anterin membership. The users can trade the acquired IDLV on blockchain exchange or hold it to achieve more rewards points.
Micro financing
Even users do not have enough cash; they can prepay anterin services with their IDLV. This pre-paid system increases user’s convenience.
Share profit through cash-back rewards
The platform will share its profits through reward points. Users benefit will be raised by reward points which can be used for buying a variety of services and goods.
IDLV platform elevates the benefits of customers by uniting the blockchain technology in the explosively trending online to the offline market ecosystem. The online delivery service is easy and fun. Waiting around for using the anterin app and membership benefits are cash back rewards and the ability to receive tokens.
IDLV visualize a new sharing economy with delivery online to offline markets, where any user can contribute to enhancing the delivery experience and earn in the process of freedom to select. Its membership is gained by using app platform services and also can be purchased directly from a major exchange which users have an app membership.
Link with IDLV platform and discover for the latest feeds, how they push the sharing economy into an explosive growing online to the offline growing market ecosystem. Peoples can be a part of the delivery services and get benefits in IDLV ecosystem.

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