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To establish financial power, centralized and unequal, has built on greed and extortionate charges. That is made the rich to richer and poor to poorer. It has no longer served to the needs the trading in our 21st century. Goods and products, real or virtual, as well as virtual currency, involves risk. A Blockchain technique has revolutions the internet and the presented alternatives fascinating.

The new decentralization financial model is emerging and it’s shifting power and the other resources back into the boost communities. Bitcoin, ethereal and the other blockchain networks have demonstrated to the other advantages of the decentralized transactions of the ledgers account. In the public ledgers process or the smart contract applications and the transaction crypto- assets worth billions on the dollars, with the no central management and incumbent both parties are involved.
About YouSeeMe
Octave–UCME is a pioneer token marketing place and community concept for the consumers and the business worldwide. It is enabled to a totally decentralized the commercial relationships between the business and the users, according to based on the proximity. It offers users to friendly, new and unquiet communication and the payment models. Octave –UCME operates its own payment platform for flat and crypto-currency. It is not a traditional payment and also the E-wallets transactions for the next generation for mobile commerce applications.
We operate own of the mobile applications. The YouSeeMe is which is using an e-wallet to the trades of goods and services, and the Bart-wallet, trading the platform of an application, specifically developed to the crypto-currency trade.

For the economy of the scale, both the one unique and secure technologies back to the office.
Over visions
Octave –UCME offers is leverage on the following presently broken through regularity changes.
• DSP2 regularities in the banking sector, which is enabled for the startup to the launch new electronic payments and the all management account tools.
• Crypto currency wallets now offer and assets and commodities of trades.
• Controls to the regular transaction are now being implemented by the regulator worldwide. Those which get included in the electronic money of license needs for the DSP2 regulation.
• The fact that blockchain technologies and tokens are not may be limited to the financial sector.
• Blockchain technology has opened a whole new word for the created mind to explore business.
• The similar platforms are now widely used for all types of different foods, tickets and day– by –day essential delivers.
How we decrease the risk in it.
The money received by the bank account is allocated to each user’s wallets. The total amount is in under escrow dedicate to the client or users. The YouSeeMe business model enables transactions exclusive between registered clients (users) and registered merchants. The KYC is must be completed before each E-wallet exchanges, payment transfers or the all financial transaction takes places in it. These reduce the risk at 2% and prevent the money laundering. Money transfers between YouSeeMe models and prevents money and money laundering.

The risk management process involves the following activities:
• Detection method.
• Controlling management.
• Reporting.
• Internal control system
This project deserves full attention of crypto enthusiast and investors as it has developed popular product and is having strong developers team. So to know more you can read about it on its site.

Official links for more details,

Website Link : https://www.bartwallet.pro
Whitepaper Link : https://www.bartwallet.pro/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/White-paper.pdf
Telegram Link : https://t.me/Bartcoinbartwalletchat
ANN Threads Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5113007.msg49863241#msg49863241
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/bartcoinbartwallet
Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/comments/arloud/youseeme_bartwallet

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