4New ICO Review

 There's not long left to get involved in the 4NEW ICO with the token sale quickly approaching its hard cap.

What is 4NEW

Website: https://goo.gl/kK1LBt
They're hoping to solve the energy consumption problem with cryptocurrencies by creating energy from waste products.
They state in their whitepaper that the team behind the project has over 300 years combined expertize in the area and are confident that they can help to solve the huge energy use problem with crypto.

Current cryptocurrency mining problems

The cryptocurrency market has grown massively during 2017, currently the total market cap stands at over $700 billion. However as the price has risen so has the cost to mine cryptocurrencies as more and more miners have been getting involved.
Last month the amount of electric used by Bitcoin miners surpassed the amount that's used by the entire country Denmark, with no signs of the increase slowing down it's become a huge problem, it's estimated that if this trend continues then by this time next year the amount of energy used mining just Bitcoin will be the equivalent of the 20th highest energy consuming country.
The estimated annual mining cost of Bitcoin is now nearly $2 billion, with 262 KWhs used for just 1 single transaction on average.
The cost of electric has remained around $0.15 per KW over the last few decades (once inflation has been taken into account), however with many people now claiming that they believe blockchain technology will gain wide range usage this could lead to a huge increase in the amount of electric being used which would ofcourse then also force prices up.

How will 4NEW help to solve this problem?

They're planning to produce energy by refining waste products into water and organic material which they can then use to either sell to the national grid or to use on their own mining farm.
They plan to finance the cost of refining the waste with the profit that they can make by charging to collect the waste and selling any more valuable products that they collect. They state in their whitepaper that this should completely cover the costs of producing the energy or even leave them with an additional profit.

The 4NEW blockchain

The new project will initially run on the Ethereum blockchain which will allow them to make use of smart contracts, this provides an additional layer of trust for anybody transacting with eachother.
However they plan to soon switch to using their own blockchain.
Due to the platform themselves being an energy producer this will provide them with a key advantage over their competitors as their costs for mining should be much cheaper.
The team behind the project hope to revolutionize the Waste, Energy and Cryptocurrency sectors simultaneously and are hoping that their token will be adopted in all different industries.

How can KWATT Token Holders profit

Each of the tokens available will be the equivalent to 1 KW of electricity. 4NEW plan to offer token holders the option of either using their tokens to purchase mining power on their own ming farm or to be sold back to the UK national grid.
The estimated return for selling to the national grid is just $0.05 compared to an estimated $0.2 per KW if used for mining, making it seem like a easy choice.
Token holders will then be paid a portion of the companies net revenues annually depending on which option they choose.
It's estimated that each power plant will last atleast 50 years, whilst factoring this in a pessimistic estimate for the tokens worth would be over $6, however valuations of tokens can ofcourse vary greatly in the cryptocurrency market.



  • January 31st: End of ICO unless the hardcap is reached earlier.
  • Quarter 1 2018: Purchase of 3 new sites for the power plants in the UK. Start of development for the platforms own blockchain. Beta testing the new KWATT token with service providers.
  • Quarter 2 2018: Installation of the waste to energy plants starts on all 3 sites. Blockchain integration with the new smart meters.
  • Quarter 3 2018: Initial marketing to attract customers to the 4NEW services. Developing relationships with businesses with access to large quantities of waste.
  • Quarter 4 2018: Installation of the waste plants completed.

Additional Token Usage

Unlike many of the current ICOs, the KWATT token has a clear use on the platform. The team behind the project state that they want the token to also be used for many different types of transactions also, they've already set up deals with a few large companies and provided more uses for the token:

  • Mining farm: The project will also have it's own mining farm with token holders given the option of either mining or selling their electric to the national grid.
  • Money transfer: 2 money transfer companies that have a combined turnover of $25 million per month will also add the new KWATT token to their platforms.
  • Licensed pharmacy: A US Pharmacy company that processes $24 million annual sales per year also plans to accept the new token for purchases on their website.
  • Insurance company: There's also plans in place to offer the token as a payment method for an insurance company that has over 90,000 customers.

4NEW ICO Details

  • Total tokens for sale: 300 million, any unsold tokens will be burned.
  • Type of token: ERC20
  • Token Sale end date: 31st January
  • Price: Currently 1 ETH= 2010 KWATT


There's recently been a few various energy projects entering the cryptocurrency market. This one seems to be best poised to follow through with their plans.
They have an experienced team that's based in the UK. With over $30 million already raised during the initial token sale they'll have plenty of funds to get started with their project.
The token should offer investors a big incentive to hold on to their tokens with the revenue that can be earned by either mining or selling the energy back to the national grid. 


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