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Mining cryptocurrencies is a very labour-intensive and time-consuming process. It requires using powerful computers to solve various kinds of problems emerging at different steps of mining, verify and record transactions with digital currencies. Also,there is no doubt Cryptocurrency mining a lucrative investment for anyone who can participate in the process. But notwithstanding, there are some challenges associated with cryptocurrency mining thus,consumption of High Energy which has been a constant nightmare for miners, as more of their rewards is been spent in getting the power and energy to mine. If you have ever tried mining then you would know that there is a lot of energy usage involved.
The high purchasing cost of this mining tools is quite high and there are not usually easy to set up as setting up might require some level of expertise. To help miners, facilitate this process, and make the Blockchain sustainable, Bitminer Factory was founded.

Bitminer Factory is a leading cryptocurrency Mining Operation fed with Renewable Energy and managed by a Team of clean energy and mining experts. Bitminer Factory is Italy’s largest currency-mining host.Founded by Gabriele Angeli and Gabriele Stampa, Bitminer Factory is making the blockchain sustainable by co-locating Mining Operations with Renewable Energy projects. It aims to use renewable energy for mining, rather than the electricity-draining methods presently involved in the industry. This change makes blockchain a more sustainable technology, and will profit enthusiasts, miners, and other types of investors in crypto.

Bitminer Factory sustainable solution is based on 4 key pillars thus, The Reuse of otherwise-wasted energy, whereby plants all over the world, either renewable or not, often have energy left that is not used and goes to waste. Bitminer factory have set up partnerships that allow them to tap into these energy sources, minimizing the need of producing additional energy for mining purposes, benefiting the environment while granting a lower-cost power supply.

Flexibility through mobile mining units, mining units can be easily moved around therefore it will be easy to reach the plants that have the highest spare capacity from time to time, or new purposely built renewable power plants

Committed usage of clean energy, Bitminer factory pledge to use an increasing-higher amount of energy from clean power sources, such as hydro and solar plants. They will place decentralized mobile farming equipment close to eco-friendly sources, drastically reducing the amount of CO2 that would be required if used traditional energy plants. and lastly,

Diversification through Renewable Energy asset ownership.

The Technology
Bitminer Factory have put a lot of things together by developing commercial mining solutions employing GPUs and ASICs in large-scale projects including “gigapod” housing of up to 5,000 mining units or containerized mobile mining units (MMUs) with up to 300 mining units.

They are developing Alternative Mining Solutions (AMS) as well, based on FPGA, also developing dedicated electrical infrastructure to operate the mining equipment along with renewable energy projects. The startup is also creating dedicated IT services to allow token holders to monitor mining operations and automatically switch to the most profitable mining algorithms.
A low operating risk, provided by a highly experienced team with over 1,000MW of renewable energy projects and 1,000 miners up and running at its flagship mining farm in Calenzano, Italy

High liquidity, holders can easily trade or sell tokens back to Bitminer Factory via a BuyBack Plan with their tokenized “Mining Contracts”
Low financial risks, arising from larger scale mining operations, reduced volatility, and a mitigation effect from self-generated clean electricity produced by renewable energy projects
Token & ICO Details
Price in ICO1 BMF-1.00 USD
Soft cap-500,000 USD
Hard cap-100,000,000 USD
Token Allocation
I like this Project a lot and I think its going to big a huge success, for potential Investors out there why dont you jump on board and benefits from all that the project will offer. Follow the below links for more information.







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