Decentralized p2p trade platform

The maincharacteristics of the site
The main goal of the platform is earnings, which directly depends on the number of satisfied users who do not leave the site and even attract their friends to it. The main advantages of are formed:

  • The site does not receive income from lost deposits. All profits are formed from the number of operations on the trading platform, so we strongly contribute to increasing user activity and their involvement in the long distance.
  • On, a trader trades against the same trader. Broker is excluded from the process completely.
  • All deals are recorded in a publicly available smart contract, any changes of which become a well-known fact and cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the site.
  • The site does not have its own wallet and does not require anything to deposit. All transfers will be made using MetaMask browser expansion, right at the moment of placing the transaction. And on its completion, ETH will immediately go to the wallets of the winners.
    This opportunity appeared due to the creation of the Smart contract in the Ethereum network.

                       Below is a diagram of broker work process:

    Description of the scheme:

    This scheme describes a standard example of trading on the platform.
    Create the perfect conditions:
    Deals that are open at "CALL" (total amount 50 eth):
    Trader1 - investment amount 45 ETH, that is 90% of the amount of all deals “call”
    Trader2 - the amount of investment 5 ETH, i.e. 10% of the amount of all deals "call"

    Deals that are open at "PUT" (total amount 50 eth):
    Trader3 - investment amount 45 ETH, i.e. 90% of the amount of all deals “put”
    Trader4 - the amount of investment 5 ETH, i.e. 10% of the amount of all deals “put”

    The total amount of all deals is 100 ETH.

    After all deals are completed, the investment amount is transferred to the smart contract, and before expiration expires, all 100ETH are inside the smart contract.

    Upon expiration, 92% of the total investment amount goes to the winners as a refund of the deal amount + profit and is distributed equally proportionally:
    Trader1 invested 45 ETH, this is 90% of all deals “call”, therefore, he gets back his 45 eth and 90% of the profit amount, that is, 37.8 ETH. Total balance on the account: 82.8 ETH
    Trader2 invested 5 ETH, i.e. 10% of all transactions “call”, therefore it receives 10% of the profit, that is - 9.2 ETH

    The remaining 8% go as a fee to the platform. Of these: 3% goes to holders of tokens who invested in the platform in the closed round of investing ICO, the remaining 5% goes to technical development of the platform, marketing, servicing the platform.

    Because platform does not store your deposits, the Metamask wallet built into the browser is used for transactions. At the time of the deal, the smart contract automatically deducts the investment amount from the balance of your Metamask and also automatically credits the profit.

    This procedure occurs every expiration.

                               Why it is worth trading on

    • Complete decentralization.
    • The platform does not store your funds.
    • Both short and long expirations up to 7 days are implemented;
    • No need to pass verification and various KYC (Know Your Customer);
    • There are no minimum and maximum betting limits;
    • Absolutely transparent quotes;
    • The platform works non-stop 24/7;
    • Technical support is available at any time of the day.

    We will be glad to see you among our clients.


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