TRONscratch - the best and biggest gambling platform through the use of blockchain technology throughout the gambling industry

Latest improvements in technology have brought a completely new degree of safety and believe to the online playing enterprise, most drastically through a little factor known as dispensed ledger technology (DLT). The general public must have heard of Bitcoin and the technology which underlies it blockchain, a specific implementation of DLT which has exploded in popularity lately.

Blockchain Technology offers a way to ensure trust among different parties within a transaction without the need for any third-party middleman. It simply means humans can easily transfer money safely and securely without the need for any financial institution or economic group, and its not possible for any of the involved party to cheat the transaction.

The beauty of blockchain technology is that it is going above and beyond virtually moving financial funds. The improvement in technology made popular by blockchain technology means any trustless settlement can be entered into and automatically tested without the need for outside affirmation and permission.

This ensures that the various interactions and activities involved with on-line gambling can all be coded into an incorruptible, automated agreement that neither player nor operator can manage. In order to achieve this, TRONSCRATCH was born. 

TRONSCRATCH is a decentralized Peer to Peer Gaming and Gambling platform designed to run on TRON blockchain network which is the most secured, transparent blockchain network in the whole crypto industries. TRONSCRATCH aims to be the best and biggest gambling platform through the use of the powerful blockchain technology to decentralize and revolutionize the entire gambling industries. Launching of TIC TAC TOE and ROCK PAPER SCISSORS games will be the first approaches towards achieving aims of TRONSCRATCH gambling platform.

TRONSCRATCH is a web based decentralized gaming platform which simply means players and members will be able to play the game easily on their mobile devices.

TRONSCRATCH will improve the Transparency level of the gambling industries through blockchain technology which is absolutely transparent and easily viewable at the net because it's far impossible to hide a transaction on the blockchain, both customers and operators are a ways less likely to attempt to defraud it. The understanding that whatever you are doing is being recorded in perpetuity on an immutable ledger is a strong incentive to act in an honest way. TRONSCRATCH will both function on public blockchains and also integrate blockchain technology into its structures so as to offer customers with high degree of transparency. TRONSCRATCH gambling platform operates on a transparent blockchain and will be much more attract customers by offering an added degree of trust and peace-of-mind. 



• Install TronLink extension 

• To join the game with a PC, it is recommended to use Chrome. 

• To login the game through a mobile application, it’s recommended to download address for Tronwallet: 


• Lear to play our simple and ever fun game.

• Choose between TIC-TAC-TOE and ROCK PAPER SCISSORS (our available games). 

• Every player has 20 secs for each turn in a game. Winner in any match takes 90% of the total TRX bet in that match.

• In the case of a draw, we charge a 3% fee from both player. this is due two the fact that player mine TAC token notwithstanding.

TRONSCRATCH gambling platform is decentralized and immutable, meaning that no single person, company or entity has the capacity to alter a transaction as soon as its recorded on the blockchain. This is due to the fact that it's far managed and kept secure by using lots of computers round the sector in order that no single persons computer could ever have sufficient power to exchange or manipulate it.

The result is that the whole thing recorded on the TRONSCRATCH can be relied on definitely and, probably, used as proof inside the event of criminal disagreement. The immutable nature of blockchain is what makes it perfect for a web gambling environment, where the need for trust is paramount.

Any other incredible aspect of blockchain is its capacity to be both transparent and nameless on the same time which is why TRONSCRATCH has adopted this technology. Each individual entities interactions with a blockchain are recorded in a transaction address made up of random characters and numbers. This ensures that no personal info consisting of your name, address or banking information are recorded at the ledger (unless you want them to be). With TRONSCRATCH, players can easily play game without any fear or restrictions.

With TRONSCRATCH gambling platform, transactions on a gaming activities and transactions are automatic and dont require a third-party, they are both cheaper and faster. Conventional gambling platform transactions frequently take days to clear and while credit card bills are commonly faster, they may be additionally very expensive. Crypto-currency users can transfer instantly to everywhere inside the world at almost zero value through the use of Blockchain technology in TRONSCRATCH gaming platform

Within TRONSCRATCH gambling industry, this means no more exorbitant transaction prices or days awaiting deposits and withdrawals to go through. Players will be able to cash out their winnings off the net and back into their wallet anytime they like.

There are 5 levels and they are recorded underneath:

• Level 1: 10,000 – <100,000 (TRX WON)

• Level 2: 100,000 – <1,000,000 (TRX WON)

• Level 3: 1,000,000 – <10,000,000 (TRX WON)

• Level 4: 10,000,000 – <100,000,000 (TRX WON)

• Level 5: 100,000,000 or more (TRX WON)

TOP 10 – Mine 1000 TAC Every 28 Days 

TRONSCRATCH has introduced TIC-TAC-TOE game in its platform also known as Xs and Os which is a paper-and-pencil game designed for two players. The beauty of this game is that whichever players that was able to place three of their marks in either VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL or DIAGONAL won the game. Another game to watch-out for in TRONSCRATCH gambling platform is the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS which is another most interesting game in the gambling industries. With the combination of TIC-TAC-TOE, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS and some other games in development it wont be long for TRONSCRATCH platform to be the best in the gambling and gaming industries.

TRONSCRATCH game is fair, transparent, and also designed with high level of security. To participate and enjoy TRONSCRATCH game, players are to install TRONLINK extension through the use of chrome browser, download address for tron-wallet and after that players are expected to login and chose whichever game they have love to play which presently could either be TIC-TAC-TOE or ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. There is always duration for each selected game which is 20 Secs and the winners take the highest percentages in the total TRX bet.

TRONSCRATCH has also designed a token (TAC) which is to be used in the platform as incentives and rewards for the players. The total supply of TAC token is 10 BILLIONS


TRONscratch DAapp is completely developed
Code aufit and function test
Community Beta test
TAC token airdrop

TRONscratch DApp is officially launched
Mass competition is introduced

A 3rd game is introduced to TRONxcratch DApp

TRONscratch mobile ap launches
A 4th game is introduced to TRONscratch DAapp

Decentralized cha messenger feature with several inbuilt games 

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