Space.Cloud. SCU Unit - introduces a decentralized, transparent and secure blockchain environment into cloud storage

Modern society produces billions of gigabytes of information every day. Every company, every organization, every person has a need for reliable protection of their data, as well as their safe storage. Thus creating an unprecedented demand for cloud storage, which can easily satisfy the most demanding customer.

In the world there is a sufficient number of such cloud computing, but still stand out from the total mass of four giants (Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon), which occupy almost 55% of the total market. 


Despite the allure and ease of use of cloud storage in their daily lives, many users are faced with such common problems as:

  • uncontrolled price for the same services. In fact, you buy the same amount of storage, but for a lot of money. All of this is closely linked to the monopoly of the four whales that manipulate pricing;
  • it does not matter whether you use your storage to the maximum or occupy only a small part of the limit you received. You do not have the opportunity to somehow dispose of free gigabytes of memory during their downtime;
  • also, centralized cloud storage is one of the tidbits for many hackers, as with due effort, they are able to get a huge amount of personal information. Which can then be used somehow and get a decent profit;
  • moreover, the consumer often experiences various kinds of problems associated with the use of classic cloud storage. Then he can not fully view all the information stored by him, then there are no questions from anyone to get quick feedback and many other little things that form a not very positive opinion about these technologies.

To change the existing situation offers us a young start-up project, which was developed on the already existing German company cloud storage Powerfolder. This company has more than 10 years of experience in this field and has successfully managed to establish itself in 63 countries. 

About the project

The project with which we will meet today is called - Space.Cloud.Unit or abbreviated (SCU). The main goal of the project is to introduce a decentralized, transparent and secure blockchain environment into the centralized cloud storage we are accustomed to. To ensure that all processes in the cloud were not only fast, but also were under reliable protection from hacker attacks. 

At the same time, the developers plan to create a new type of cloud storage, which can be adapted specifically for the needs of each user. For this purpose, a modular system with an open source blockchain will be available. 

Design feature

Thanks to the introduction of modern blockchain technology in centralized cloud storage, the team of SCU is able to offer us improved conditions for the use of its system. At the same time to ensure maximum security, transparency and reliability of storage of all data, as well as to offer individual settings for the adaptation of cloud storage for any client. To all this, the presence of a smart contract allows you to guarantee a stable environment of the entire Space.Cloud.Unit system and to conduct all payment transactions at a transparent level. 

The advantages of Space.Cloud.Unit actually a huge variety. Moreover, these benefits apply not only to users, but also to investors, providers and auditors. For clarity, consider some of them.

Benefits for users:

  • this can be safely attributed to the transparency of pricing, you will not pay for the amount of memory that you do not use;
  • simple and easy to use. That is, Space.Cloud.Unit offers its users a comfortable and intuitive interface with all the following functions, with which the user has the ability to adapt the cloud for themselves and their requirements;
  • when registering with the SCU, you have the opportunity to use an additional structure of administration and authorization of your profile to ensure that all further actions to save new data are carried out automatically;
  • in addition, Space.Cloud.Unit provides loyal terms of cooperation without imposing its long-term obligations.

Benefits for investors lie in the improved channels of the storage and distribution of cloud-based data by which they can increase their sales volumes and total number of computational data. Also, investors will be able to become part of a large dynamically developing community around the world and everything else to get their hands on a young and dedicated team of cloud services specialists.

Advantages for providers: due to the new concept, they will be able to reduce their costs for additional marketing and advertising company to distribute their contract. At the same time, to increase its key indicators and reduce the cost of additional data processing, due to automated systems and much more.

Advantages for auditors: they will be able to gain additional passive income through regular verification services, as well as to back up their own markers.

And this is only a small part of what is actually hiding under a Space.Cloud.Unit. 

The details of the ICO

As you have already guessed, the developers intend to use the ICO in order to collect the necessary funding for the further development of their project. To do this, they position their own token – SCU. However, the developers have not fully decided on which blockchain system they will position their token, for this they have prepared a comparative characteristic of several platforms at once in order to determine the best one.

Finally, they intend to decide after the ICO. As for the token, it will be limited to the number of issues of only 150 million units, the starting price of which will be 0.20 EUR per 1 SCU. All the founders of the Space.Cloud.Unit plans to collect Hard Cap in the amount of 15.6 million EUR.

The token distribution will look like this: 


Given the crazy demand for cloud storage, we can safely say that Space.Cloud.Unit will take pride of place among its competitors and will bring the level of service to its customers to a higher level. Moreover, the project stands firmly on its feet and clearly sees its goals, so I sincerely wish them success and the fastest implementation of all their ideas.

If the concept of this project is close to you and you would like to deal with it in more detail, then welcome to the links section, where you can find all the necessary resources and information on Space.Cloud.Unit. 

 Official resources of the Space.Cloud.Unit project:


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