ParamountDax : serves the real needs of the crypto community, not just other crypto exchanges

ParamountDax aims to provide a truly sophisticated trading platform serving the needs of the crypto community by offering an intuitive user interface, instant liquidity, multilingual and real-time customer support and by allowing smooth, safe and risk-free trading opportunities with minimal costs.

Not Just Another Crypto Exchange

As one of the few crypto exchanges licensed before the launch date , ParamountDax serves the real needs of the crypto community . In this case, we create a decent, decent and decentralized hub for your crypto assets. We are committed to strengthening the reliability of your financial operations at ParamountDax and to ensure a fair and money-making list policy.

ParamountDax lets you easily manage all your digital assets in a trade exchange that offers you:

  • - Smooth, safe and risk-free trading opportunities with minimal costs
  • - Intuitive user interface
  • - instant liquidity
  • - Multi-language and real-time customer support.

We envision ParamountDax as one of the fastest exchanges, payment transfers and peer-to-peer transaction networks in the world - from 10,000 current transactions / second supported by ParamountDax, we increase up to 2,000,000 transactions / second by adding cloud hosting and load balancing from each blockchain node separately into the network. 

Maximize your trading results

Your ParamountDax wallet is created to support the quick management of your crypto trading. For this reason, we create a platform that includes:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC)
    trading : the first OTC crypto trading desk in Europe, ParamountDax enables unlimited operation of large crypto assets without the need for escrow or lawyer. Institutional trading is easy
  • Special trade indicators
    that track and help you with any real-time data gains or losses you need.
  • 46% Share Daily Results
  • Stop the limit options and stop loss orders
    that empower you to make more efficient decisions
  • The Custom API
    allows the platform to benefit from a continuous increase in the contribution of third party developers.
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Strong referral benefits

Main feature.

Find all the benefits of trading at ParamountDax

  • Daily profits
  • Trade From Charts
  • Strong reference
  • Risk free
  • Easy trading
  • Advanced Customer Service

PRDX Coin will be sold to supporters of ParamountDax Exchange, giving them daily profits. ParamountDax will pay 46% of all Trade Charges charged by the platform as a Bonus prize for PRDX holders 

Sales Tokens

Below are the details of selling PRDX tokens along with the minimum number of transactions.

1. Start Pre-Sales
May 18, 201911: 00 (UTC + 1)

2. ICO Soft Cap of
$ 1,750,000

3. Participation in

Public Sales 

1. ICO Starting
June 24, 2019.11: 00 (UTC + 1)

2. Close Middle ICO
$ 4,250,000

3. Standard
ERC-20 Tokens

Private Sales

1. Starting
August 20, 201911: 00 (UTC + 1)

2. ICO Hard Cap
$ 9,310,000

3. Decimal

4. Supply
100,000,000 PRDX Tokens

5. 1 PRDX Token Price of
0.15 USD

6. Tokens for


1. Minimum
500 PRDX

2. Softcap
$ 1,750,000

3. Middlecap
$ 4,250,000

4, Hardcap
$ 9,310,000 

ICO Summary

 Sold Token Bonus Stage  

ICO Presale Period - 25,000,000 - 32%

ICO Sales Period - 40,000,000 - 12%

Private Sales Period - 10,000,000 - 35% 

Token Distribution

2%: Reward Bonus

10%: Angel investor

65%: ICO Participants

23%: Team 

Use of funds

22%: Initial Development Fee

12%: Liquidity Reserves

11%: Team and Advisory Board

33%: Marketing

22%: Emergency Reserve

Tokens that are not sold at ICO will be burned after the ICO has finished being
locked for 12 months after the ICO has finished

Daily profits

Daily Benefits of Daily PRDX Holdings based on User Level

ParamountDax road map

Team structure and advisors

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White paper:




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