Mycro Reviews - get the job done easily.

In this article I will introduce an application that can help your work feel easy to do.
What application is that? yes it is the Mycro Application

What is Mycro?
Mycro can be interpreted as completing work easily.
Do you want to have a clean apartment but currently can't find the time to do it yourself?
Post job offers directly on our beautifully designed Mycro app and make sure you will be connected quickly with community members who can help you!

Do you want to make money quickly and easily?
Explore the Mycro application and find the job that suits you best. Register now and complete the job you want.Mycro releases the power of the local community by implementing the Mycro protocol to connect people. Through this game change platform will open the door to become the number one market in the world for matching real-time jobs.

The service that you will get when you open this application is
• Home Services
• Delivery service
• Virtual Services
• Skilled service

How to use Mycro Token (MYO) 

  1. Shop for work
  2. Appreciate
  3. Currency

The way is as follows.

Mycro's success is significantly based on intuitive usability. The need for job providers and job seekers must be met in a fast and uncomplicated manner. This happens by matching the right job offer with the right job seeker. Only after that did the two parties achieve their goals. Good work products for job providers. Fun and tempting work for job seekers.

Why is Blockchain?
• Fast and Simple Use
• Trust
• Security
• Low Cost

Mycro also has tokens that I will detail below

Token Info

Token Name - MYO

Price - 1 MYO = 0.25 EUR

Bonus - Available

Bounty - Available

Platform - Ethereum

Accepting - ETH

Soft cap - 3,500,000 EUR

Hard cap - 14,000,000 EUR

Mycro's vision is to make it a task for the mycro team to protect the lives of the most valuable gifts, offering to people.

When connecting Mycro to all regardless of origin or any social rank. Limited time. Mycro also cannot take or extend time. In today's world, Mycro's time is largely externally controlled. Time is controlled by Mycro's work, Mycro's customers, and Mycro's social obligations.

Therefore Mycro believes that everyone in this world has the right to control their own time. This is the vision of Mycro to facilitate the work of someone who is as busy as he is without taking care of the work of his own home.

For this reason, Mycro will create a balance between time and money. Mycro will also build a global and decent peer-to-peer network for simple jobs. where people all over the world must choose what they do, when and for whom they work and how much time they are.

The mission of Mycro is to give everyone access to this opportunity no matter whether they come from a village in Vietnam, a suburb of Berlin or from Downtown Manhattan.

If you want to join you can join [Mycro] (
Glory now, don't let you miss a moment where this application is very helpful for you in making it easier and easier for you to work too.

So you will be able to make things easier when you can work.
And for workers who have been busy with their work without ever thinking about cleaning your house. You can use this application to solve problems in your home.

Where the first goal is made and in the form of Mycro this is to simplify your work.

Only this is what I can explain.
For more information, you can visit the Mycro Website
You can also join the Telegram Group so that you can know every update that is informed.
For those who like bounty you can also join in Bounty
Or Annthread 

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