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People try to earn more and more money in their jobs in all possible ways, and over time they realize that it can't last forever and it is necessary to create several sources of income. The most primitive and not very profitable is the opening of a deposit in the bank at minimum interest rates, which can not even cover the annual inflation.

The following options can be gambling in the form of casinos, poker, sports betting, lottery tickets, and why not invest in the development of various types of small and medium-sized businesses, promising start-UPS, because they can give a significant return and a large percentage of profits. And the reason is that they can not be sure of the competence, honesty of cooperation and reliability of such projects, so they prefer other ways of investing, which most often lead to the loss of funds.

Another reason may be the inconvenience of investing when you have to travel long distances to make transactions or not all people have access to financial services. It is necessary to make all these procedures much faster and preferably on the same platform and just such an idea is pursued and is already being developed by the IOWN group! 

This company connects directly real businesses, startups with investors through a decentralized platform that allows anyone to support different directions, participate in the general voting of the project adoption for promotion and it does not need a large amount of finance from each.

IOWN provides companies with digital support and the ability to obtain the necessary funding for the start, further development and regulation produces with the help of smart contracts, so that investors are always aware of the progress of projects, timely receive dividends on the terms. 

The main means of payment for using the services of the platform is its own IOWN token, which provides an opportunity to participate in this ecosystem. For the user it is a wide range of interesting and promising businesses, transparent operation and reliable protection of assets, saving time on search, all available in one place and in one application.

A total of 450 million tokens are issued, 300 million are available for sale, and a listing has already been made on such a well-known exchange as Latoken ! The team is made up of people with extensive and successful experience from different areas and are serious about building a more harmonious and effective communication between entrepreneurs and investors, which can be any person. 

In conclusion, I want to express my opinion: that such a platform can be decisive and developing the process of investing from around the world in a variety of useful, unique and profitable ideas that can make people more free, happy and create a reliable, profitable asset portfolios. I recommend you to get additional information about the project on these links below:






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