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Introducing Authoreon - Security Platform to Protect Authenticity & Trust

About Authoreon

Authoreon is a platform geared toward combating fraud, cyber attacks, theft of cloth id and immunity. Authoreon Pte. The final vacancies within the task of construction had been registered in Singapore on August 10, 2017 following the establishment of the Swiss Non-profit Organization.

AUTH is a cryptocurrency coin from Authoreon made utilizing sensible contract technology, typically referred to as the ERC20 Token / blockchain ethereum. AUTH will then be used as a quick cost software for the low price transaction process. AUTH is simply created to entry the functionality of sure structures adding registering new assets, shifting property and assorted different authorization features. In addition, the AUTH token will even be reachable within the inventory market to be traded to everyone.

Problems with Data Security

In the era of digitalization now, it's very inclined to keep away from and steal data. What occurs in case your major information is misplaced or fall into the palms of an irresponsible person?

The trend of the net now I don't assume is totally balanced with the trend of safety systems. This subject has attracted many corporations to grow "Cyber Security" that may remove cyber crime.

Why not? According to Symantec Internet Security Threats 2017, they tracked extra than 700,000 assaults / threats globally and recorded 98 million assaults worldwide. Recordings are acquired from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, that is tasked with tracking all risk sports in extra than 157 countries.

Proprietary Technology

Authoreons’ middle pattern is the A-ID, the world’s first machine-readable

optical label at the blockchain, that allows you to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any id or asset - fast, seamlessly and securely at the Blockchain.

What are the applications

The packages fluctuate from Retail & Brand Protection and a Self-Managed Identity to Data Storage & Certification.

The Idea Solution

Authoreon that is a platform to avoid fraud, cyber attacks, theft of cloth id and immunity. Authoreon's platform architecture contains a few elements that use the characteristics and characteristics of blockchain technology, cryptography, synthetic intelligence (AI) and substitution algorithms to supply optimum security, authorization and search. The platform also positive factors NULL separate overlay protocols on best of the blockchain: Synapse Layer and Access Lock Layer:


• Synapses: A unfastened program layer impressed via the human brain. This layer is designed to boost the functionality, scalability and performance of the Authoreon platform via permitting clever authorization contracts.

• Layer Lock Access: The key layer entry role is a gatekeeper, processes requests to the synthesis layer and adds transient entry whilst the request is valid.

Platform Features

To help the Authoreon gadget to work well and be used surely via users, the Authoreon platform also deals a few extra features, namely:

• Platforms

• Mobile applications

• Smart-Contracts-as-a-Service

• Plugins, APIs & Marketplace

Authoreon menu answers are designed to deal with use cases. Here are a few examples of instances to deal with: Identity Theft, User Authentication, Data Storage, Cyber Attacks, Document Fraud, IT Security Risks, Supply Chains, Ownership Chains, Copyright Infringement, Reputation Management, and more.

Token Sale

This token sale is given AUTH image with cost by means of ETH, BTC, PayPal, BCH DASH and LTC with complete provided at about 1 billion with promotional fee throughout ICO 1 AUTH = 0.00133 ETH for sure here could be very exciting simply due to the fact with the fee that's nonetheless particularly low cost earlier than the undertaking here is in launch, it's anticipated that AUTH fee will growth and can make the investors merit from this project.

In the trend of the software from AUTHOREON to provide token gross income to the public to facilitate the undertaking may be constructed heavily to treat crime in cyberspace. By utilizing a platform founded mostly on blockchain technology AUTHOREON gives safety cryptocurrency within the proper location by partaking the planting of funds for this success this program.For the authorized drive of the AUTHOREON undertaking it have to be treated heavily with the plan of incorporation of the brand within the state of Singapore which notbene is a nation with a particularly calculated industry traffic.


Start date: August 19, 2017

End date: October 14, 2017

Token Price per 1 ETH = 2226 AUTH

Receive payments via: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH / Paypal (with Escrow)

Total Supply Token: 1,000,000,000

The Hard Cap that will be at Crowdsale time: $ 34,000,000

Linkedin: https: // www.

Username : Ozie94

Profile :;u=2103066

ETH : 0xDa2F65ea0ED1948576694e44b54637ebeCA22576

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