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Music has attracted people at almost all times. Many get pleasure from listening to it, and some – from its creation. In today's world to become one of the performers is extremely difficult, because it is not enough to have only one talent. For further realization of oneself as a Creator, a person also needs serious capital.

Today, in social networks you can find a huge number of talented musicians, singers and other creative personalities who collect millions of likes and have a huge audience. However, they all receive a meager income from this, compared to the same owners of social networks that use the content they create for their own purposes.

The new platform iLink2Music, which combines 3 popular today directions – social networks, creativity and Blockchain technology, will allow to correct the current situation and provide novice performers and creative individuals with the opportunity to further develop and receive an impressive income. 

Project objective

The main purpose of the developers is to create a specialized media platform that allows to unite artists, musicians and other creative personalities from all over the world, regardless of their religion, race and age.

Principle of operation

ILink2Music platform will allow absolutely all users to create their own accounts, like pages in social networks and post on their pages content that demonstrates their talent in a particular area.

Within the network, a system of communication between the network participants will also be implemented, allowing representatives of large companies to communicate with novice musicians, artists, designers and other creative personalities.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that within the network will be held various competitions, where each participant will be able to realize their capabilities. Here, creative personalities will be able to earn unique awards and prizes, as well as attract the attention of influential producers and representatives of creative fields. The launch of events and their results will be provided by the voting system IL2Voiting, created on the basis of Blockchain technology. It is important to note that IL2Voiting uses the Protocol Proof of Vote, which allows you to remain anonymous when voting, as well as the protection of the results from falsification. Thus, the greatest popularity and attention of sponsors can be earned only by the best representative of the sphere. 

In order to make the platform less boring and attract a wider audience, it is also planned to launch:

  • a wide range of social media games, with the possibility of using virtual reality devices;
  • premium services that allow you to conduct surveys on the relevance of the release of a product;
  • online radio that allows you to broadcast the most popular music in all countries of the world without restrictions.

The main currency of this platform will be ELINK tokens, which will allow organizations and individuals to gain access to the IL2Voiting system for voting for a particular contest, as well as for voting during the event for a particular participant. These coins can also be used to gain access to premium services. It is worth paying attention to the fact that with all this, most of the services on the site will be absolutely free. 

Dates and details of the ICO

Public sale of tokens will be carried out in the period from October 16 to December 17 of the current year or until the sale of 375 million coins of ELINK. The cost of the 1st token will be $ 0.005. The minimum Deposit amount is $ 50.Softcap project - 3.5 million dollars, hardcap - 21 million dollars.

The distribution of tokens is as follows: 


Given that the iLink2Music project has all the features of social networks, a number of free services and allows creative individuals to develop, many people may be interested in it. Also, this project can attract the attention of producers and sponsors, as they can effortlessly find and develop really talented individuals, getting the maximum benefit from this with a minimum level of cost.

Based on all of the above, it is safe to say that the project has all chances to become successful, so investing in its development at an early stage deserves special attention. 

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