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FidelitySuite - uses Blockchain Technology to decentralize the economy of Loyalty Cards.

The Suite uses blockchain technology to decentralize the structure of Bonus cards and is a new generation of blockchain-based loyalty programs. The Suite is a platform through which users can accumulate bonus points on one account, thereby simplifying the process of accumulating these points and there is no need to use a large number of Bonus cards.
On the platform, you can receive goods, request gift
cards of such basic online services (Amazon, Playstation, etc.), pay medical bills (national dentists). You can even make a request to exchange points for fiat money and transfer them to your bank account using a bank transfer. 

The basis of the project as a whole is the FidelitySuite platform. FidelitySuite is a loyalty management platform that allows customers to collect and convert the bonuses of partner companies registered on the platform into various services and money using only SuiteCredits (SCT) and STK token.
STK is a platform token with which trading is possible on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
SCT or SuiteCredits is the internal currency of the platform with a fixed value. Its functionality includes the exchange, storage and use of points. It is not intended for trading on exchanges.
The STK token can be used in conjunction with SuiteCredits if the volume is not enough to cover the cost of services. For example, if the user's SCT balance is less than the required value, the services he wants to receive, then you can spend part of STK to cover the required amount. 

The platform has developed its own application Alpha which release is scheduled for Q1 2019. The software will allow users and investors to use the following
Tracking integrated enterprises and
promotional offers.
Monitoring STK / SCT balances and as a means of payment.
Separate purchase SuiteCredits.
As for partners, it is possible to conduct
settlements with the client in SCT.
The use of QR codes.
The distribution of SCT between the profile audience. Creating directories to generate demand and maximize customer satisfaction. 

Consider the main functional features of The Suite.
A. Hybrid system.
The combination of STK and SCT tokens will allow the blockchain-based hybrid system to use the application in the real market.
B. Comprehensive Solution.
Any user who has a cryptocurrency-based project will be able to integrate their services on the Suite platform. The spread of cryptocurrency will increase day by day.
B. Infrastructure The Suite.
Through the acquisition of infrastructures owned by The Suite, the project will provide strong economic and commercial security and will directly help to use and distribute SCT tokens in the real market.
G. Innovations and simplicity of structure.
The Suite platform will be filled with innovative services that have never before been offered on the bonus card market. The simplicity of the platform structure will help new users to learn about cryptocurrency. Experienced users will help in the selection of specific services. 

Details ICO:
Soft Cap: $ 600K
Hard Cap: $ 12M
Available quantity for ico: 60M
Starting price: $ 0.12
Distribution (STK)
The initial design phase was fully funded by the founders.
Further development of the project will be funded by crowdsale.
Initially, you can buy the STK token using the Suite website, and your own account, (or on some crypto-exchange sites).
Investments will be made in several stages and will be 3 types of Sale - ranges. 

  • 60% - sale
    20% - community
    10% - team
    7% - cooperation
    3% - presentation 

Road Map

Q1-Q2 2018

  • Project analysis

Q3 2018

  • Whitepaper ( English, Italian)
  • Creation of the Token Sale ICO website (English, Italian)

Q4 2018

  • Launching of the Token Sale ICO site
  • Private sale (great investors and entrepreneurs)
  • Business development: Eurozone
  • Whitepaper (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic)

Q4 2019

  • Token listing in EXCHANGESs
  • Business expansion: the rest of the world
  • Release ver.2- FidelitySuite Platform and APP

Q3 2019

  • Token distribution
  • Creation of the society
  • Acquisition of businesses and properties as corporate legacy
  • Beta release ver.1- FidelitySuite platform
  • Beta release ver. 1- Suitecredit management APP

Q2 2019

  • ICO

Q1 2019

  • Pre-ICO
  • FidelitySuite platform prototype and APP
  • Research of businesses and properties to acquire as corporate legacy

Q1 2020

  • Masternode lunching: blockchain as service

Q2 2020

  • Partnership with other societies in order to integrate new platforms
  • Public REST API (Golang, NodeJs)

Q3 2020
FUTURE further services about Blockchain & fidelity cards at partner’s disposal.


Our team 

Francesco Napoletano
CEO (co-founder) & Developer

Graduated in computer science,
developer in software companies for 12 years.
Users of the major programming languages ​​(Java, Python, PHP, VB, JS, Delphi).
For over 19 years in the trading and forex market.  

Patrizia Amoruso
CFO & co-founder

Studies in economics and law.
For over 20 years auditor of business processes and management control. 

Simone Di Francia
CIO - Co-founder Community Manager

Simone has been involved in Blockchain field since 2013. He is working for EthBits, creating token models for start-ups and managing various communities. 

Roberto Bersezio

Legal at the Court of Turin, long experience in commercial and civil law. 

Carlo Denaro
Developer & security expert

Passionate about technology, enthusiastic fan of the blockchain, frontend fullstack developer, researcher and developer in security 

Cinzia Ronco

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Turin with a planning address
He later developed his great passion for photography and graphics. 

Maria Sole Ferrero
Creative Director & web designer

Graduated in Advertising Communication at the European Institute of Design and specialized at the same institute in Visual Merchandising 

Stefania De Lucia
Web Designer

Graduated at the European Institute of Design in Advertising Communication and specialized at the International School of Comics in Web Design.
The attention to detail and the care in all his work are essential and ensure that the communication and ideas created are effective and always center the goal. 

Jan Emil Christiansen
Community manager

Microsoft developer and sysadmin for 17 years. Maersk, IBM, Insurance company.
I have joined a few strong blockchain teams to learn more about this exciting world. 

Elia Esposito
Crypto360 CEO - Escrow

He embodies his most formative experience in the pioneer company of online trading in Italy – Directa Sim.
A journey of 15 years that sees him engaged in different areas of the company until arriving at relations with the Institutional. From 2014 he studies and finds new stimuli in the world of cryptocurrencies 

Dario Moceri
Developer - CEO

Technical and strategic consultant with elevated experience in the implementation, development and management of blockchain oriented solutions.
Despite his young age, he has already had the opportunity to confirm his professionalism by working with prestigious international companies.

Jaber Ahmed

Community manager/ social media manager

Blockchain and Digital Assets enthusiast, ICO Advisor, social media manager, marketing Advisor. An experienced Community Manager. worked with multiple blockchain projects as community manager

He Has 3+ years experience in cryptocurrency also managed extremely successful token sales across diverse regions.

Bharat Gandass
Influencing - Fintech

expert technology adviser for startups mainly in Blockchain and Security areas. I got Master’s degree in MBA with 13+ Years of rich industrial experience.
experience includes Linux systems and application programming spanning multiple platforms, network security product development, architectural design, solution frameworks and Blockchain. 


Florian Rézeau
Mentor & Representative at Faster Capital 

Guillaume Micouin

Quentin Herbrecht
Start-up Mentor & Representative at FasterCapital

Bryan Blaevoet
Directeur Marketing | ICO Advisor 

This concludes the review. In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project has every chance of success in a crypto-community and bring profit to its investors in the near future. The team of professionals, which stands at the origins, a clear development plan, ideology and relevance make The Suite an advanced platform that helps the cryptocurrency sphere to make a breakthrough in the future. 

To get more relevant details from the The Suite project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:


Username : Ozie94
Profile :;u=2103066
ETH : 0xDa2F65ea0ED1948576694e44b54637ebeCA22576

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