jobs is very important for all people in the world with the jobs we can getting earning income and then make growing the life for better , and then the combinations in era evolutions we can see the tech implementations is was add in more platform to giving the solutions for that guys.

lets see for the solutions we must selected for the find the jobs with have a skill and then see the proggress for accelerations on ecosystem on platform and then transaction payment on there , so that will make impact to growing the community for interested to became for want to make more opportunity on platform.

make some easy for find the opportunity likes  doing easy task and then that will make helping all people in the world for getting earning and then lets see era cryptocurrency now we can see getting more opportunity so at the moment i will present the new era in solutions for getting opportunity on find the jobs for better and that will impact in earning, lets present 


The new innovations platform with a good consept fro make the evolutions to make opportunity on jobs , we can see on there easy doing because for all user make earning by refering all people for make opportunity on the platform and then you will be getting the reward in to your account , and then you can getting more earning by doing more task , and then buying token to getting the profit in future , so i think that will be make all new user comfortable for contribute on this platform . 

The tech implementation era blockchain tech so that will make the ecosystem and integrated on the platform as well and establish , with the blockchain technology on CANLEAD that make giving more benefit and advantages , and then on CANLEAD make a good system by record and safety for all user because on there have a good decentralized guys and controling privacy of client is very well. 

 the blockchain technology make a great ecosystem on CANLEAD platform for make evolution in opportunity sharing, and then make growing in reputation sharing and controling of the solving proof , and good transparancy and controling the management of the risk .

Benefits and feature of CANLEAD : 

  • First CANDLEAD is a good opportunity sharing with economy model 
  • the solutions for all people the world to getting earning by refering people
  • good implementation of technology with blockchain technology
  • have a good transparancy that will make management of the risk as well
  • good reputation and responsible platform 
  • high secure for controling the proof and privacy of client

Lets see now CANLEAD will be make IEO exchange in Aug 2019  , in Sep 2019 , and then Oct 2019 ,the date of launching will be announce 1 week before the launch.Detail of CANLEAD : Token nam : CANDPlatform : Ethereum Type : Utility Price : $ 0.0333 Token for sale : 1,000,000,000 CANDFor sale : 600,000,000 CANDHardcap : $ 20,000,000

Detail all Team CANLEAD : 

  1. Michael Quan , Founder and CEO 
  2. Siri Narasimham , Business Director
  3. Nito Martinez , CTO 
  4. Dan Dale , Business Development Manager
  5. Filip Berdowski , Community Manager
  6. Guilherme Muck , PR and Community Manager

Advisor :

  1. Asher Looi , ICO program advisor
  2. Irina Spekman ,ICO Advisroy Board ,Business and Funding Strategy 
  3. Michael Creadon , ICO advisory Board, Marketing and Fundraising Advisor
  4. Peter Gold , ICO advisory Board ,HR Technology Industry Advisor

More informations CANLEAD :  

Username : Ozie94

Profile :;u=2103066

ETH : 0xDa2F65ea0ED1948576694e44b54637ebeCA22576 

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