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Wings Mobile is a Spanish virtual mobile operator founded in 2007, focused on the development of innovative software, smartphones and laptops. After less than a year into their new business strategy, implemented in 2017, the company received the ALCI AWARD for ‘Best Technological Design’ for their state-of-the-art smartphones that were created with a focus on innovation, security, and price.

The mobile communication market is evolving swiftly and has unstoppable momentum. Beyond the traffic of information through voice (calls) and data (with all of the applications available for smartphones), mobile has become the main operational channel for financial activities and other exchanges of sensitive information. 

We believe that the future is built on incorporating security protocols and tools into our products that will also facilitate seamless trades on crypto exchanges and enable crypto payments for goods and services.


    Wings Safe OS is based on an encrypted and secure partition (32 GB) of storage memory, and is completely independent from the main Android system. No application, control or Android API has access to Wings Safe Core.
    AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows to predict, identify and eliminate cyber threats with a speed and efficiency which is not always possible through human analysis. Thanks to the implementation of neural technology, Wings Mobile offers its devices greater control, analysis and security management.
    Wings developed exclusive software which permanently protects privacy thanks to the integration of neuronal technology. Telephone calls, photos, videos, private applications, and confidential data can no longer be violated.
    A complete payment solution for physical and online stores, which uses blockchain technology with a new vision. Both innovative and complete thanks to the integration of WingsPos, an Android operating system device available to all stores.

The WINGS MOBILE business model is based on two fundamental pillars: fast development and precise execution.
The world of technological innovation unfolds in a context of continuous and accelerated changes, more intense than in other economic sectors. One month in the technology sector is equivalent to one year in the industrial sector.
The WINGS MOBILE team participates in this philosophy and knows this well since it comes from the technological background.
On July 1, 2017, the WINGS MOBILE project was launched at the Plaza de Barcelona Hotel. The new line of products was officially released on December 9, 2017.
In just12 months since the product launch,WINGS MOBILE has created a range ofhigh demand services that has a huge potential market. It launched a new distribution formula to compete with conventional models that are used in the telecommunications sector and, finally, a range of cutting-edge and innovative products that incorporate unique technological advances, suitable for a new era of communications and transactions in a secure environment.


  • WINGSMOBILE – A virtualmobile networkoperator in Spain, with highly c*ompetitive
    packages both in call services (national calls, international calls - avoiding the extra costs of roaming in over 60 countries) and data.
  • WINGS ENERGYEnergy retail service provider, offering electricity and natural gas supply services to companies and individuals.
  • Distribution System
  • WINGS SOCIAL MARKET - As detailed later on (in point 6 of the Whitepaper), the
    business expansion is based on an original distribution system that combines “decentralized” (any client can participate in the business by prescribing to Wings solutions) with “global” (a flexible policy of “distribution zones”, providing active entry to online media), based on the concept of Social Media and an exclusive affiliation program.
  • WINGS STOREThe decentralized model does not exclusively imply cultivating
    the Online market. There is, on the contrary, a plan to extend a complete network of Technology Stores for the sale of Wings electronic products and mobile services; different type of stores and dimensions, in which the investor risk for the affiliate is minimized.



is developing its second generation of products: the WingsWX™ and WingsXBook™.These devices will work with the Safe Core™ WINGS MOBILE operating system, Android based, with an ultra-secure encryption core. The products inherited from WINGS MOBILE will also be available for purchase with the BWN token (with a 10% discount of the maximum retail price).



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