Яхты делают любой кадр лучше

Сегодняшняя прогулка была бы прекрасна, кабы не излишек солнца.

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It looks pretty nice there. What a large lake? It is a lake, correct?

27.06.2017 04:02

No, it's actually Fraser river, its delta.

27.06.2017 04:07

Wow, what an amazing river. It is intense to imagine just from the picture it looks like a sea.

27.06.2017 04:08

Yes, it's a delta, so what you see in background is actually a Georgia straight, salt water. Vancouver is separated from the ocean by Vancouver Island, which is quite large (those mountains in background), more than 50 kilometers wide.

27.06.2017 04:14

Oh, that's vancouver island. The world is so big sometimes i have no idea what I'm looking at. It's very pretty wow.

27.06.2017 04:19