My Pinky and Spiky comics now available at Makers Place

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I was looking for a long time to make my comics available as rare digital art. And at the end of November I came across Makers Place, a platform based on San Francisco which is the easiest way to create and sell unique digital creations using blockchain technology.

Some of my friends on Steem blockchain are there too (@donnadavisart, @joechiappetta for example).

When I opened my account there, it worked in a very simple way (I actually did everything from my phone):

  1. Uploaded a picture of my artwork
  2. Entered a title
  3. Wrote a little bit of description (copy/paste from a blog post was fine too)
  4. Specified how many editions my artwork will have.
  5. Hit "Publish"
  6. After a few moments I put it on sale in their marketplace by specifying the price in ETH.
  7. That's it!

If you want to check out my store, go here:

Ryoma Ito from Makers Place was very helpful in my first few weeks there. At one time I couldn't login to the website from my laptop and I thought I forgot my password. So I sent her an email and she investigated and said that I was trying to login to the wrong domain name. I double-checked and sure enough my mistake was to use .co ending instead of .com. I wouldn't know the difference if not for Ryoma's help. So it appears if an artist gets stuck for some reason, help is just an email away.

I'm new in this rare digital art space so don't know what to expect yet. But it's a thrilling feeling to know that within 5 or 10 years something like that will be a very normal way to sell and collect art.

I'm one of the pioneers and you can be too!

Join Makers Place here:
You can use my invite code: mkp-4c35

If you’d like to learn more, here is their blog post that shares the details of the launch and their mission to empower creators like you:

Vidas Pinkevicius

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